Paladin Danse

Location Cambridge Station
Perk Know Your Enemy
Romance Yes
ID Number 0005de4d

Paladin Danse is an NPC in Fallout 4.

Paladin Danse Information

Paladin Danse is a human male NPC.

Characteristics / Services

  • Can be recruited as a Companion.
  • He is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and your primary sponsor for entry to the faction.
  • He provides outstanding support in combat situations.

Associated Quests

  • Blind Betrayal

Character Alignment

How this character responds to your choices

Name Generous Selfish Nice Mean Peaceful Violent Chem Use Chem Addiction Donating Alcohol
Paladin Danse     thumbs-up.png thumbs-down.png thumbs-down.png thumbs-up.png -- thumbs-down.png --  


Name Consume Alcohol Eat Corpse Give Item Hack Computer Heal Dogmeat Modify Armour Modify Weapon Murder Non-Hostile Naked Pick Lock (Owned) Pick Lock (Unowned) Pickpocketing Speech Success Theft Use Power Armor Use Vertibird
Paladin Danse           thumbs-up.png thumbs-up.png thumbs-down.png   thumbs-down.png   thumbs-down.png   thumbs-down.png thumbs-up.png thumbs-up.png

Companion Perk Information

At high Affinity the following perk unlocks for you:

Companion Perk Effect
Paladin Danse Know Your Enemy Damage +20% against Ferals, Super Mutants and Synths.

Paladin Danse Stats

Name Level XP HP DMG Resistance Perception Abilities Items


  • ??
  • ??


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