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Human Error is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Human Error Information


  1. Search Covenant for clues
  2. (Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues
  3. (Optional) Talk with Honest Dan
  4. (Optional) Ask Dan about synths
  5. Find the location of the secret compound
  6. (Optional) Talk with Honest Dan
  7. Find the Covenant Compound
  8. Search for any caravan survivors
  9. Rescue Amelia Stockton
  10. (Optional) Wait for Chambers to kill Amelia
  11. Talk with Honest Dan
  12. Find Old Man Stockton
  13. Talk with Dr. Chambers



  • Compound Guards


Rad Resist.png In the northern Commonwealth, there is a walled town by the name of Covenant. If you approach the guard named Swanson, he will ask you to take a test called SAFE before gaining entry to the town. Take the test and enter the community.

Rad Resist.png Speak to Honest Dan who tells you he was hired to find Old Man Stockton's missing caravan. Speak to some other folks in town after talking with Dan. Leave the town and find what's left of the caravan. Check the cooler for Deezer's Lemonade.

Rad Resist.png Return to Covenant and speak with any of the townspeople you'd like. Keep talking about the situation and you will begin to learn more about their issues with synths and a secre compound somewhere. Speak to Deezer and he will offer you free lemonade. Speak with Honest Dan again and exhaust his dialogue options and ask him about synths.

Rad Resist.png Find the locked structure in Covenant (Left house entering the entrance). You may attempt to pick the advanced lock or steal the Covenant House Keys from the table by Penny in Doctor Patricia's office. Search around for another key set and the note Jacob's Password.

Rad Resist.png Enter the office building in the rear behind the tree and access the terminal on the desk. You can either master hack the terminal or use the password you just obtained. You may opt to talk with Dan about what you have found out or go off on your own to the compound. On your way out of the compound, Jacob Orden will approach you. You can answer him how you wish. Leave the compound and head west past the lake and find a pipe entrance.

Rad Resist.png Deal with the compound guards Manny and Blythe and find a compound key on them and unlock the door. Explore the area until you come to a lab and Dr. Roslyn Chambers. Speak to her and you can reject her offer, and opt to kill her and use her terminal to free Amelia from Cell Block 1. Speak to Honest Dan for your reward. You can alternatively accept her offer and let her kill Amelia and collect a reward from Chambers.

Notes & Notable Loot


  • If you have any piece of equipment that enables the Targeting HUD, Honest Dan becomes hostile immediately after entering the Compound (The Sewer). Removing that equipment before entering the Sewer is the only way to prevent this bug from happening. If he becomes hostile, he cannot become a friendly NPC again.

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    • Anonymous

      Anyone know where the password is hidden in the covenant village? Can't hack the computer and it's driving me crazy.

      • Anonymous

        If one rejects the offer then recieves the reward from dan, they can wapk away from the convorsation and reclaim the reward of 300 caps an infinite amount of times.

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