Items in Fallout 4 is a list of all obtainable items available in-game. The wasteland of the Commonwealth offers a plethora of items waiting to be discovered, and the player can use these items to aid them throughout their playthrough of the game. Items are a diverse group of objects ranging from essential crafting materials and vital ammunition to consumables. Whether scavenged from abandoned buildings or looted from fallen enemies, every item holds potential value and utility. Players are encouraged to scour every nook and cranny of the wasteland to discover items that can be utilized as they navigate the vast wasteland of Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 All Items


Ammo in Fallout 4 refers to a wide range of consumable resources crafted to be used in charging firearms of all kinds. Whether it's bullets for handguns, shells for shotguns, or energy cells for laser rifles, each type of ammunition serves as a lifeline in the relentless struggle for survival. Ammo plays a pivotal role in the survival of the player if they want to survive the harsh Wasteland. You can find detailed information about each Ammo type on each page linked below.


Fallout 4 All Ammo

Fallout 4 Ammo Comparison Table

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Quick Search of All Ammo 

Name Value Minimum Level Weapons using this Ammo Type
.308 3 4
.38 1 1
.44 3 18
.45 3 12
.50 Caliber 4 17
5mm 1 24
5.56mm 2 24
10mm 2 1
Cannonball 8 n/a
Cryo Cell 10 n/a
Alien Blaster Round 3 n/a
Flamer Fuel 1 10
Flare 1 n/a
Fusion Cell 3 7
Fusion Core 200 10
Gamma Round 10 10
Mini Nuke 100 n/a
Missile 25 10
Plasma Cartridge 5 17
Railway Spike 1 10
Shotgun Shell 3 14
Junk n/a n/a

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