Call to Arms

Quest Giver
Paladin Danse
Brotherhood of Steel Quest
Righteous Authority
ArcJet Systems
Previous Quest
Fire Support
Next Quest
Semper Invicta
Call to Arms is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Call to Arms Information


  1. Speak to Paladin Danse
  2. Follow Paladin Danse
  3. Find a way to open the door
  4. Provide fire support for Paladin Danse
  5. Follow Paladin Danse
  6. Restore auxiliary power for Paladin Danse
  7. Proceed to the control room
  8. (Optional) Activate the Engine Core's rocket
  9. (Optional) Assess Paladin Danse's condition
  10. Clear the control room
  11. Retrieve the Deep Range Transmitter
  12. Exit ArcJet Systems
  13. Speak to Paladin Danse




Rad Resist.png Paladin Danse will ask you to follow him to ArcJet Systems in order to obtain a transmitter to repair the Brotherhood of Steel comm array. Speak with Scribe Haylen or Knight Rhys optionally and head west to the ArcJet Systems building.

Rad Resist.png After discussing the transmitter help Danse clear out the Synths, and then proceed to the lab analysis room. You may hack into the lab control terminal or use the lab analyst terminal to obtain the control terminal password. Open the door and head to the second floor. You may fight through the turrets or use the terminal in the nearby office to disable them. Go down the elevator to the engine core.

Rad Resist.png Before reaching the top of the engine core, you must restore power to the elevator. Access the facilities terminal and hack it. Start the generators and then clear out the synths. You can eliminate them the traditional way or you can activate the engine start button and cook them. Take the elevator up. (You must use he terminal INSIDE the actual elevator to your left to get up )

Rad Resist.png Fight your way to the control room and obtain the Deep Range Transmitter from a synth corpse. Leave via the elevator and speak with the Paladin. Hand him the transmitter to receive Righteous Authority. At this point Danse will ask if you'd like to join the Brotherhood of Steel.

Video Walkthrough

Call to Arms Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot

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