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John Hancock

Location Goodneighbor
Perk Isodoped
Romance Yes

John Hancock is an NPC in Fallout 4.

John Hancock Information

John Hancock is a ghoul male NPC. He is the mayor of Goodneighbor .

Characteristics / Services


Associated Quests

To recruit Hancock you must complete the following:
1. His trivial request to clear some raiders out of Pickman Gallery
2. Complete the quest The Big Dig
3. Complete the quest The Silver Shroud

Character Alignment

How this character responds to your choices

Name Generous Selfish Nice Mean Peaceful Violent Chem Use Chem Addiction Donating Alcohol
John Hancock thumbs-up.png thumbs-down.png -- thumbs-down.png thumbs-up.png thumbs-up.png -- thumbs-up.png thumbs-up.png  


Name Consume Alcohol Eat Corpse Give Item Hack Computer Heal Dogmeat Modify Armour Modify Weapon Murder Non-Hostile Naked Pick Lock (Owned) Pick Lock (Unowned) Pickpocketing Speech Success Theft Use Power Armor Use Vertibird
John Hancock     thumbs-up.png         thumbs-down.png thumbs-down.png         thumbs-down.png    

Companion Perk Information

At high Affinity the following perk unlocks for you:

Companion Perk Effect
John Hancock Isodoped At 250 rads or higher, get criticals 20% faster.


John Hancock Stats

Name Level XP HP DMG Resistance Perception Abilities Items



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