Merchants are NPCs in Fallout 4 who can buy and sell items to the player. What follows is a list of merchants and the items they can sell.


Items Sold
Trashcan Carla
First encountered near Drumlin Diner. If interacted with peacefully, will travel between the Diner and Sanctuary.
Shipments of asbestos, circuitry, crystal, oil, and screws along with a wide range of junk items.
Ronnie Shaw
The Castle (After progressing in Minutemen storyline)
Weapon Vendor
Drumlin Diner (If the related encounter is resolved either peacefully, or in her favour)
General Vendor
Diamond City Market
General Vendor
Tinker Tom
Railroad HQ (After progressing in Railroad storyline)
General Vendor
Connie Abernathy
Abernathy Farm (Northwest Commonwealth)
Shipments of Concrete, Cloth, Fertilizer and Wood.
Diamond City Market
  • NOTE: Connie sells fertilizer for cheaper.
Shipments of Adhesive, Ceramic, Fertilizer, Plastic, Springs and Steel.
Arturo Rodriguez
Diamond City Market
Weapons and Ammo + Shipments of Aluminum, Copper, Gears and Screws
Moe Cronin
Diamond City Market during the day
Melee Weapons, Ammo, Armor + Shipments of Cork and Wood.
Doctor Sun
Diamond City Market during the day
Shipments of Antiseptic, Glass and Rubber
Shipments of Adhesive, Circuitry, Crystal and Silver.
Shipments of Ballistic Fiber, Copper, Lead and Oil.
Bunker Hill
Shipments of Crystal, Fiberglass, Gold, Lead and Silver.
Doctor in Bunker Hill
Shipments of Acid and Glass
Smiling Larry
Travelling Merchant
Weapons, Ammo and Junk
Lucas Miller
Travelling Merchant
Armor and Junk
Travelling Merchant
Weapons, Ammo and Armor.
She also sells Spray n' Pray (Unique Weapon)
Atom Cats Garage (Accessed after doing Atom Cats a favor)
Power Armor parts and Junk
Doc Weathers
Travelling Merchant
Medical aid consumables and services, Junk
Alexis Combes
Vault 81 during the day time (8am-8pm)
Weapons, Ammo and Armor.
The Institute
Weapons, Ammo, Armor and medical Consumables
Becky Fallon
Diamond City Market during the day (8am-8pm)
Apparels and Miscellaneous Items
Diamond City Market during the day (8am-8pm)
Medical aid Consumables
Diamond City Market during the day (8am-8pm)
Medical aid Consumables
Vadim Bobrov
Dugout Inn at the Diamond City Market
Aid Consumables like food, beverages and medicine.
Whitechapel Charlie
Aid Consumables, Alcohol and Shipment of Glass
Fred Allen
Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor
Medical aid Consumables
Proctor Teagan
The Prydwen
Power Armor Parts, Weapons, Ammo, Armor and Miscellaneous Items


The Sole Survivor may establish trading posts at any settlement, by building a trading stall and assigning a settler to it. Building a stall requires rank 2 of the Local Leader perk.

Some settlements may gain access to special non-settler merchants, by progressing through quests or random encounters.

Once The Castle Armoury is unlocked in the quest Old Guns, Ronnie Shaw will become a weapons merchant in the settlement, and is one of the few vendors to sell Laser Muskets and the associated mods.

After Trashcan Carla is encountered near the Dumlin Diner, the Lone Wanderer has a chance to either intimidate or reassure her. If the latter option is taken, she will continuously travel between Sanctuary Hills and the diner, pausing at both locations for several hours. If a player is lucky to catch her at the right time, she will act as a merchant in Sanctuary Hills.

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