Liberty Reprimed

Quest Giver
Proctor Ingram
Brotherhood of Steel Quest
T-60 Medic Pump
Boston Aiport
Previous Quest
Outside the Wire
Next Quest
Blind Betrayal
Liberty Reprimed is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Liberty Reprimed Information


  1. Speak to Proctor Ingram
  2. Follow Proctor Ingram
  3. Speak to Professor Scara
  4. Search for Professor Scara
  5. OR Speak to Doctor Li
  6. Speak to Proctor Ingram
  7. Locate a high-powered magnet
  8. Construct electromagnetic actuators 4x
  9. Speak to Proctor Ingram
  10. Speak to Scribe Haylen
  11. Locate the bomb storage facility
  12. Locate the Mark 28 nuke stockpile
  13. Activate the distress pulser
  14. Speak to Paladin Danse
  15. Return to Proctor Ingram
  16. Activate Liberty Prime
  17. Speak to Proctor Ingram




Rad Resist.png Go to Boston Aiport and speak with Proctor Ingram. He is working on rebuilding a certain machine of destruction, and needs assisstance from a scientist. If you did not convince Doctor Li to join you during From Within you will have to recruit Professor Scara instead.

Rad Resist.png If you are to find Professor Scara, Proctor Ingram gives you a Cerebrofusion Adaptor to show to Scara. Go to the Science! Center in Diamond City Market and speak to Doctor Duff. She tells you that she hasn't seen Scara for a while and asks for your help in locating her.

Rad Resist.png Go to General Atomics Galleria, enter the Back Alley Bowling to find Professor Scara. She can be convinced to join you through Charisma dialogue or using the Cerebrofusion Adaptor.

Rad Resist.png If you recruited Doctor Li, speak with her on The Prydwen.

Rad Resist.png Return to Boston Airport where Proctor Ingram needs electromagnetic actuators. She hands you an Electromagnetic Actuators List. All of the parts can be found in Boston Aiport Workshop except for a High-Powered Magnet. It may be found at vendors, across the wasteland or a hospital. The Pip-Boy will guide you towards one. Return to the workshop and bulid 4 actuators with one magnet for all four and the following:

Constructing an Actuator

Materials (Per each actuator)

Rad Resist.png Once you've built the actuators, speak with Proctor Ingram. You will have to obtain Mark 28 Nuclear Bomb packs for the weapon systems. Speak with Scribe Haylen at the primary location waypoint, on the edge of the Glowing Sea and use the distress pulser given to you to home in on the bomb packs, and Haylen will get them. Remember to prepare for the radiation spike.

Rad Resist.png Go southwest into the sea into Sentinel Site Prescott, a pyramid looking structure. Once there, use the terminal to abort the launch, and open the blast doors from the terminals. Open the blast door near and find the tunnel, watching for Feral Ghouls along the way. Make your way through all the tunnels and passages, killing any ghouls along the way. Upon arriving at the control room, and speak to or kill Brother Henri and an Assaultron named Atom's Wrath. You can retrieve the password from his corpse or speak to him to be allowed passage.

Rad Resist.png With the stockpile now under your control you may return to Proctor Ingram. If traveling with Paladin Danse as a companion, he will agree to stay behind and watch things. Ingram will ask you to press the switch to power up the machine. You will receive a T-60 Medic Pump as a reward for your efforts.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      don't know who designed this, but the electromagnetic actuators are definitely just designed off of old motorcycle drum breaks. I have one almost identical to it on my 72 honda CL350

      • Anonymous

        In every guide I read that you have to find Prof. Scara, if you didn't convince Doctor Li. I don't want to convince Li, since I don't want someone like her helping the BoS facists. How is it possible not to convince her without having to use the console?

        • Anonymous

          Im going through a game breaking bug, brother henri wont give me his terminal password to open the gates to continiue with the mission Liberty reprimed, ive killed him and done all the speech options and he wont give it to me (ps4)

          • Anonymous

            How do i not recruit dr li and still start this quest, already completed outside the wire and ingram only reminds me of the 2 quests maxon gave me.

            • Anonymous

              Nothing appears on my map of where I should go. I followed other walkthrough but for me I have no high powered magnets

              • Anonymous

                i finished up the two quests you do when you first go into the institute, and i reported back to maxson. he told me to go talk to proctor ingram, but when i did, and i have tried waiting, loading saves, everything, and she only does idle dialogue and not quest dialogue. im on xbox one, and i have no other active quests. this is so annoying, is anyone having this same issue?

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