Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution

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Captain Ironsides
Side Quest
USS Constitution
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Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution Information


  1. Meet the captain
  2. (Optional) Fire the cannons
  3. Repulse scavenger attack
  4. Talk with the Bosun
  5. (Optional) Grab power cables
  6. Repair or replace power cables (3)
  7. Repair or buy a replacement power relay coil
  8. Talk with the Navigator
  9. Recover the guidance chip
  10. Install the power relay coil
  11. Talk with the Bosun
  12. Install the guidance chip
  13. Talk with the Navigator
  14. Repair or replace Poseidon radar transmitter
  15. Install the Poseidon radar transmitter
  16. Talk with the Navigator
  17. Talk with Ironsides
  18. Find turbopump bearings
  19. A. Install turbopump bearings B. (Optional) Sabotage turbopump with Mandy C. Install the sabotaged turbopump
  20. Return to Ironsides
  21. A. Defend the USS Constitution B. Return to Ironsides
  22. A. Fire up auxiliary power B. Talk to Mandy
  23. A. Defeat Ironsides B. Defeat the scavengers




Rad Resist.png When exploring in Charlestown, you will be approached by a Mr. Handy robot by the USS Constitution, who notes that you were in the army and as of now, the Congressional Army. It informs you that the captain of the USS Constitution requires your assitance and to report to him on the double. The ship is presently embedded in the ruins of a building and you must head through the ruins to reach the entrance to the ship. Go through the ship and get up top to the main deck. Speak to Captain Ironsides and agree to help him repairing the ship.

Rad Resist.png At this point, a rabble of Scavengers will attack the ship and you must help Ironsides and the other robots defend it. Some courses of actions include:
  • Set traps on the streets.
  • Fire the cannons at the enemies by completing the circuit breaker.
  • Attack the scavengers from the deck.
  • Use the rowboat to go back and forth at the enemies.

Rad Resist.png However you deal with the attack, once enough scavengers are killed they'll retreat and you can carry on with the quest. Ironsides gave you instructions to speak to the Bosun and the Navigator and assist them with the repairs to the ship.

The Bosun

Rad Resist.png Go below deck to speak to the Bosun, who is hovering just outside of Ironside's quarters. He'll ask you to fix 3 power cable wiring boxes. There is a metal box in the area with 3 cables which you can use to fix the boxes. If you have a high enough INT or Repair perk then you won't need to use the cables as you'll be able to repair the wiring.

Rad Resist.png Once the wiring is repaired, speak to Bosun again and he'll ask you to assist with the Power Relay Coil. Again, if your INT/Repair is high enough you can do this without any extra parts, however if not, you'll have to find a power relay out in the wasteland to replace the damaged part (you can buy one down at Bunker Hill if you're having trouble just finding one). Once you've sorted the power relay, speak to the Bosun again to complete this section.

The Navigator

Rad Resist.png On the deck, speak with Mr. Navigator who will ask you to get a guidance chip from scavengers with the captain's orders to avoid violence if at all possible.

Rad Resist.png Head off the ship and a block to the east to find Mandy Stiles and Davies. Talk with them and listen to their reasons for attacking the USS Constitution. From here you can opt to:
  • Work with her to take down the ship's crew. You can change your mind later, and therby leave this conversation avoiding violence. You will obtain the guidance chip.
  • Work with Captain Ironsides, kill the room and take the chip.
  • Ignore her and use stealth to get into the building and steal the chip from the cabinet.

Rad Resist.png Whichever course of action you take, head back to the ship with the Guidance Chip and insert it into the machine on the main deck. However, the transmitter is still broken, so Mr. Navigator will tell you that you need to find a new Radar Transmitter or repair the dish for him. You can only repair the transmitter if you have a maxed out repair skill, so the simplest option to head to Poseidon Energy Turbine which will be marked on your map. In the Poseidon facility you'll find a handful of Radroaches (including two glowing ones) and Black Bloatflies, but nothing particularly taxing. The transmitter part will be found in a partially flooded area of the turbine in a trunk. Return to the ship and head to the deck and either repair or install the radar transmitter.

Turbopump Bearings

Rad Resist.png After repairing the transmitter, speak to Ironsides will ask you for turbopump bearings which can be found at a nearby factory. He gives you Captain's Quarters Key to enter his quarters and install them. Travel to the location (always random, though always a factory) and obtain the turbopump bearings. You may now do one of the following:
  • Return to the ship and install the bearings, which you can do regardless of how you answered the scavengers earlier.
  • See Mandy, sabotage the pump and install it. This is only available if you agreed to help the scavengers in the first place.
You will receive 500 caps as a reward for installing the pump.

Rad Resist.png If you sided with Ironsides, you will have to fight off the scavengers one last time. Ironsides must stay alive for the quest to succeed. Once they are dead speak to Ironsides who will give you the unique weapon Broadsider and 1500 caps. Leave the ship and go up the building from where the scavengers attacked. Flip the circuit and watch the ship's voyage. Keep an eye on where it winds up and visit it later to speak with Ironsides to receive Lieutenant's Hat and use of his quarters.

Rad Resist.png If you sided with the scavengers, speak to Mandy and agree to kill Ironsides. Go up the building from which the scavengers attacked and flip the circuit which will destroy the engines. Go back to the ship and bring swashbuckling death to the crew (don't leave without taking Captain Ironside's Hat. Speak to Mandy who will betray you. Kill her too and then the rest of the scavengers, keeping everything for yourself, you horrible person.

Video Walkthrough

- JudasBlitzkrieg JudasBlitzkrieg - Last Voyage Of The USS Constitution Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot

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      You can jump on the ship with the jetpack power armor mod and take the voyage with it! However you will die when it arrives at destination. To avoid this simply go down into the deck before the ship starts to move and wait inside. When the ship stops get out and voila.

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