Difficulty Modes in Fallout 4.

Difficulty Modes Information


  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very hard
  • Survival

A New Vegas like hardcore mode is currently released on PC.

Changing difficulties changes damage, resistance of enemies and appearing rate of Legendary Enemies. Legendary Enemies are harder and they have a chance of dropping a Legendary Weapon or Legendary Armor with unique characteristics like better critic chance or that refills AP when doing a critic.

The well known damage table for different difficulty settings:

Difficulty Setting Damage dealt by player Damage dealt by non-players
Very Easy 2x 0.5x
Easy 1.5x 0.75x
Normal 1x 1x
Hard 0.75x 1.5x
Very Hard 0.5x 2x
Survival 0.75-1.125x* 4x
  • The difference between Very Hard and Survival is that Stimpaks's recovery speed is lowered in the latter mode. Also it seems that in Survival, it is more likely that you encounter a Legendary Enemy.

   *  The Adrenaline perk, courtesy of Survival, increases damage by up to 50% when fully stacked.

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      all the chat is literally you just shut the ***** ip and cry somewhere else we want to enjoy the information the people here have given us

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        How specific do we think we can get with this? DAM buff #'s.... DAM nerf #'s.... Legendary drop %'s??? What resources do we have to track different play-thru's to get averages and then we could all average our averages!!!???

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          i have done the mission cleaning up the common wealth (giving the people food water power and defense in sanctuary) but then mama murphy died after that preston wont give me the next mission and instead says stupid things like ''take care of your gun and it will take care of you'' instead of giving the next part of the mission

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