Bosses in Fallout 4 are NPCs and creatures that are hostile to the player by default and are extremely powerful. These are larger and more significant challenging Enemy encounters showcased with a powerful set of attacks. Boss encounters are usually accompanied by value rewards or are part of the story progression making some encounters not optional. Below are the listed known Bosses of the game.


All Bosses Fallout 4

Different Types of Bosses and Enemies in Fallout 4

As you have different hostile encounters throughout the game, you may face a variety of similar types of Creatures. Enemies and creatures are usually sorted into humanoid types and non-humanoids or robots. To narrow it down, players will also encounter regular animals such as dogs and cats. Enemies will include different types of Ghouls, Super Mutants, aliens and more. 

Legendary Creatures in Fallout 4

Aside from the regular powerful boss encounters, players may be able to encounter Legendary variants of different kinds of Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses which are even more powerful than their regular counterparts. This is usually indicated by the star ★ by their HP and name when you focus on them. Most creature types will have a Legendary variant. Defeating these creatures will usually reap valuable loot and weapons. Other types of indicators include the skull by the enemy name which indicates that this enemy is a significantly higher level than you. 







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    • find or make yourself a .50 cal sniper rifle, iv decided to go without the suppressor due to reduced damage, you'll make one hell of a racket but you'll send majority of enemies flying

      • Anonymous

        I shredded the queens with Spray N Pray. That unique weapon takes out anything pretty fast. I've taken out legendary enemy's with just a few shots from it. Its most effective against queens.

        • Anonymous

          Mirelurk Queen, she attacks you at the Castle in the Minitemen questline. AKA...boss fight through and through.

          • Anonymous

            Mirelurk Queen will come from water during first quest. She is easy and spawns enemies. The Sarge will be in the basement once you remove the rubble from the door in one of the rooms. He is easy There is also "The glowing one" . Boss zomby.

            • Anonymous

              I got a glimpse of a Giant Robot . So big , they hid it in a bunker deep beneath the ground. Aparently it seems like the robot from fallout 3. Bit an inproved version of it. It has power armor but I cant open that lock yet. The weapon can be found close to that room to the bottom. A boss is behind a glass window gaurding the robot but the door is inaccessable.Hope someone find the key...

              • Am i the only one who considers the queen to be your biggest nemesis? i mean i ran into several at a low level and when i got higher up i always looked forward to fighting one again

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