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Reunions is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Reunions Information


  1. Follow Dogmeat
  2. Search for 1-3 clues to Kellogg
  3. Check on Dogmeat
  4. Find a way into Fort Hagen
  5. Search Fort Hagen
  6. Confront Kellogg
  7. Kill Kellogg
  8. Search for more information
  9. Discuss your findings with Nick
  10. Discuss your findings with Piper




Rad Resist.png Be prepared as this quest is a long one. Make sure you're stocked up on plenty of ammo and healing items before you leave Diamond City. This quest is separated into two distinct sections: trailing Kellogg and Fort Hagen.

Rad Resist.png Once you've showed Dogmeat one of Kellogg's cigars, he'll lead you out of Diamond City, towards the southwest and to a pond on the outskirts of Boston. He'll pad around gesturing you to find some evidence that Kellogg had been there. Look at the ashtray and pick up the cigar, at which point Dogmeat will get the scent back and lead you down to the train tracks. Be careful as you get closer to the tracks as there may be some Deathclaws around (two Deathclaws were idling around in two plays of this quest for me, but it's not confirmed if they're always there). Follow Dogmeat up the tracks, dealing with the enemies that appear (likely to be groups of Mole Rats). Dogmeat will lead you to the highway and a dead body. Examine the body, make sure to pick up the Stimpak on the floor. You're looking for bloody rags near the body which will give Dogmeat the scent again.

Rad Resist.png Continue following Dogmeat as he leads you down the train tracks again. There are a lot of enemies in this area including Wild Mongrels, a Yao Guai and potentially a group of Raiders, so be on your toes. Dogmeat will lead you into a building, down some stairs to an underpass where you'll need to find another clue. You're looking for a decoy on a sleeping bag but be careful as it's booby trapped with a Mine. Once you've either defused the mine or been blown up, inspect the sleeping bag and Dogmeat will start off once again.

Rad Resist.png Dogmeat will lead you over a bridge that is strewn with cars. In between the cars are ambushes of Feral Ghouls, including a legendary one who may mutate if you're unlucky. Once they're down, carry on following with Dogmeat. He'll lead you up a hill with a broken Protectron, decapitated trader and a damaged Assaultron. Talk to the Assaultron to find out that Kellogg has indeed been through here. Check the trader's body for some caps and his boxes for some healing items before continuing on with Dogmeat.

Rad Resist.png You'll now be led into the woods where you'll be prompted to look for clues again. Look for the bloody rags on the broken fence to pick up the scent again for the last push to Kellogg's hideout. Dogmeat will then lead you up to Fort Hagen, which is Kellogg's stronghold. If you have a companion other than Dogmeat, you'll dismiss the dog at this point. There are two ways into Fort Hagen, you can either access via the roof or through the parking garage.

Parking Garage Route:

Rad Resist.png From the front door of Fort Hagen, go to the right of the building and follow the steps down into the parking garage. Head down the ramps until you find a door, which will let you enter into the bottom of the building. When you enter, there will be a door in front of you, but it is chained from the otherside, so head up the stairs. You'll come to a Protectron charging station with a Terminal on the wall. If you want, hack the terminal and use the Protectron as a decoy in the next area.

Rad Resist.png Be cautious as you will encounter a lot of Synth enemies in this area and it's likely that this is your first time against them. They're not the hardest of enemies, but they can swarm you and overwhelm you easily. They carry either Institute Laser Pistols or Institute Laser Rifles which happen to work really well against the Synths, so make sure to pick one up early. Work through the rooms slowly and make use of cover to minimise the damage you're taking. Be careful as the Synths have pretty good AI and they will try to flank you.

Rad Resist.png Follow the rooms through, taking it slowly, dealing with the Synths and the ceiling mounted turrets until you reach a lift. Get in the lift, which leads to a trap. When you get out of the lift crouch and get to cover as you come out in a long corridor with a machine gun turret at the end. Use the doors and cover to move up while trying to avoid taking damage. Halfway up the corridor is a room to the left which will let you flank around and deal with the turret away from the corridor itself.

Rad Resist.png In the room with the turret, head down the stairs and through the security door. Kellogg will start taunting you over a PA system. Follow the steps down and deal with the Synths in the corridor. You'll come to a set of doors which will open you up to Fort Hagen Command Center. The next area is fairly linear, so operate as you have been, taking it slowly and dealing with Synths and Turrets as they appear. Look into side rooms to find plenty of useful items. The area is littered with Stimpaks, Rad-X, Radaway and Med-X.

Rad Resist.png Eventually you'll reach a wood panelled office, at which point Kellogg will say that he's stood his Synths down and you can safely approach him. Make sure to be prepared for a fight, have your favourite weapons hotkeyed and your healing items ready to use. Go into the next room and confront Kellogg face to face. He'll tell you some vague details about Shaun being in the care of the Institute, but nothing useful beyond that. The boss fight will then ensue.

Rad Resist.png This fight is hard. Kellogg has high HP and high damage resistance, so try to focus on crippling a body part using VATS to increase damage. First though, keep moving and deal with the 3 synths that are in the command centre. While Kellogg is dangerous, the synths will make short work of you. The key to this fight is to keep moving as Kellogg's pistol does a lot of damage but he also throws two grenades at a time, so you need to keep mobile to avoid being crippled or killed.

Rad Resist.png Once you've killed Kellogg, loot his body. Make sure to take everything from his body as he has a cybernetic implant for the next quest. You'll get the password for his terminal too, which you will need to use to leave. Open the doors on the terminal then head out of the room and go to the exit on the left. You'll ride an elevator up to the roof, where you'll see the Brotherhood of Steel arrive in a suitably ostentatious fashion.

Rad Resist.png Talk to Nick if you have him with you, then fast travel to Diamond City Market. Find Piper and talk to her to find out what little she knows about the Institute. Nick will suggest that you visit a doctor in Goodneighbor to find out if any of Kellogg's memories are in the cybernetic implant which may have clues to the location of the Institute. This will trigger the Dangerous Minds quest. At this point Piper becomes available as a companion as you're asked to choose who you want to take with you, Piper or Nick.

Video Walkthrough

Reunions Walkthrough

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    • Anonymous

      He opened the door and let me in. After we talked we fought and I died. Now the door won't open and the armory room has nothing in it either. No fatboy or ammo. I loaded up a previous save point, before I opened the armory, and still no weapons and I still can't get back to kellogg.

      • Anonymous

        I went into Fort Hagen, killed all enemies, did everything the list showed; and yet, Kellogg won't spawn! I tried re loading a save and doing other side quests, yet KELLOGG WON'T SPAWN!!!!!! Please help, I'm getting very mad and running out of ideas.

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