Radio Stations in Fallout 4 are used to listen to music and gain various quests, it is vital to get to the right location as you could gain the right frequency. Various radio stations throughout the game can be accessed to gain different types of music to enjoy throughout your journey. Gaining a large library of various radio stations can be good for players to listen to different genres of music as well as look out for different quests that would play through the radios. Players can craft radios and may need to replace a crafted radio if it becomes faulty or breaks.


Radio Station Guide

What Are Radio Stations in Fallout 4?

Radio Stations show a frequency you can tune in with your Pip-Boy to enjoy music throughout your travels and to gain quests. There are radios you can find and use for this, as well as the built-in radio in your Pip-Boy.


Finding Frequencies in Fallout 4

To find the right frequency, you will have to traverse and find the right location to get the strongest signal to find the frequency and gain a new station. Finding the proper location to get the right frequency is important if you wish to expand your radio station library to gain different genres of music and listen out for various quests.


How Do I Tune a Radio in Fallout 4?

Simply look at the radio and you will have options to activate and tune the radio. Selecting "Tune" will allow you to change the frequency of the radio to listen to other stations and possibly gain quests.

How to Access Radio Stations in Fallout 4?

You can access the different radio stations through your Pip-Boy, or simply find a radio in different locations that you reach. You can often find a radio in different settlements, houses, bars, etc.


Can I Craft a Radio in Fallout 4?

Radios can be crafted and are under miscellaneous, under decorations. You will need one piece of Circuitry, one piece of Copper, two pieces of plastic, and two pieces of rubber. It also requires you to find a workshop station to craft a radio and many other items.


Will Enemies Hear My Radio in Fallout 4?

Sneaking is an effective way to get around enemies and also quietly taking out enemies. Although there are machines that give out ambient noise that passes through walls, it is confirmed that the radio from your Pip-Boy does not affect your ability to sneak around enemies. Enemies will see the glow on your Pip-Boy, however, they will not hear your radio if you choose to have music on.


Fallout 4 Radio Stations


Fallout 4 Main Stations
Fallout 4 Sub-Stations
Fallout 4 Add-on Stations


Fallout 4 Main Stations on the Radio

Diamond City Radio

Classical Radio

Radio Freedom

Fallout 4 Sub-Stations on the Radio

Automated Radio Alarm

Boston City Works Beacon

Civil Alert System Broadcast

Default Radio signal


Distress Signal

Emergency Frequency RJ1138

Garbled Radio Beacon

Greenbriar Radio Beacon


Military Frequency AF95

Miller Family Radio Signal

Nautical Radio Signal

Raider Radio Signal


Separated Family Radio Signal

Settlement Recruitment Beacon

Silver Shroud Radio

Skylanes 1665 Mayday


Supermutant Radio Broadcast

Trinity Tower Radio

Unintelligible Radio Signal


Fallout 4 Add-on Stations on the Radio



Caravan Distress Frequency





Far Harbor

Valentine's Detective Agency Radio

Shipbreaker's Radio Frequency

Eden Meadows Cinema Radio Station



Vault-Tec Workshop

Vault 88 Radio Beacon






Nuka-Cola Family Radio

Radier Radio




Creation Club

Faint Radio Signal

Radio Distress Signal

Strange Signal

Vault-Tec Distress Signal


Enclave Radio





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