Curie is a Companion in Fallout 4. Curie is a robot designed to become a lab assistant but was later modified to provide her with the system to conduct her own experiments. Companions are the different characters you will encounter while exploring Locations in the game who you can recruit to join you during the campaign. They have their preferences and character alignment which affects their Affinity Level. Raising their Affinity Level to the maximum will reward players with a unique Companion Perk. Curie is a romanceable character.


Superb. I had almost given up all hope of leaving here.


How to Recruit Curie in Fallout 4

To unlock or recruit Curie in Fallout 4, you have to do the following:

Where to Find Curie in Fallout 4

Curie is located in a secret partition of Vault 81. You can find her during Hole in the Wall. This side quest becomes accessible after entering Vault 81 which requires 3 Fusion Cores.


Fallout 4 Curie Information

Curie is a robot modified to continue the research of famous scientists. Dr. Collins upgraded her to become independent and conduct her own experiments. Curie was able to complete her research and developed a Panacea, which is a cure-all drug that can heal any human disease. However, she got locked up in the secret partition of Vault 81 and was unable to hand in her research. After the Sole Survivor discovers Curie, she immediately trusts you as a Vault-Tec representative and gives you a dose of the Vault 81 Cure.


Curie Starting Gear

Curie starts with the following item/s upon recruiting them:

  • Built-in Buzzsaw and Laser Gun

Curie Special Stats

Curie begins with special stats of 4 Strength, 4 Perception, 4 Endurance, 4 Charisma, 11 Intelligence, 4 Agility, and 4 Luck.  Curie has a hit point of 35, is immune to poison and radiation, and can carry a weight of 150.


Curie Companion Perk


All Curie Quests

The following Quests listed below are related to Curie in Fallout 4:


Fallout 4 Curie Romance and Affinity Guide

Curie is a companion with a good moral alignment. She will generally like kind and positive reactions from the Sole Survivor. This includes healing Dogmeat, avoiding unnecessary fights, and being generous with others. She dislikes it when the player gets chem addiction, killing non-hostiles, and other crimes like theft and pickpocketing. 

Curie reacts to player actions, choices, and dialogues. By doing the things Curie likes, you will be able to increase her affinity level. Upon reaching the maximum level of 1000, you will earn her unique perk called Combat Medic. This provides players with a heal of 100 points if health falls below 10%, once per day.


Curie Character Alignment in Fallout 4

Generous Selfish Nice Mean Peaceful Violent Chem Use Chem Addiction Donating
thumbs up thumbs down thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up -- -- thumbs down thumbs up
Consume Alcohol Eat Corpse Give Item Hack Computer Heal Dogmeat Modify Armour Murder Non-Hostile Naked Pick Lock (Owned)
-- -- thumbs up -- thumbs up -- thumbs down -- thumbs down
Pickpocketing Speech Success Theft Use Power Armor Use Vertibird        
thumbs down -- thumbs down -- --        

How to Increase Curie's Affinity

Fallout 4 Curie's Likes 

See all Curie's Likes (click to reveal)
  • Informing Billy Peabody that he will be escorted back home in Kid in a Fridge.
  • Informing Bullet that the Peabodys are under their protection during Kid in a Fridge.
  • Performing selfless acts.
  • Demonstrating support for others.
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully through dialogue choices.
  • Agreeing to help get rid of super mutants in various settlements.
  • Joining the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Joining the Commonwealth Minutemen.
  • Expressing an appreciation for robotics, such as in conversations with Supervisor White.
  • Administering a stimpak to Dogmeat. Providing purified water to a thirsty settler in a random encounter.
  • Agreeing to assist Bobby De Luca in overcoming his addiction during Dependency (Approves a second time when reasonable/compassionate dialogue is used to convince him to seek help).
  • Ensuring the safety of the Drinking Buddy in Trouble Brewin'.
  • Engaging in conversations with Miss Edna in the Diamond City Schoolhouse about love and apologizing to Zwicky.
  • Correctly answering Miss Edna's math question.
  • Explaining to Moe Cronin in Diamond City that baseball was America's favorite pastime and not a violent blood sport (only once).
  • Selling the deathclaw egg in The Devil's Due.
  • Rescuing the settler in the Rotten landfill by eliminating all the mole rats.
  • Successfully passing the difficult speech check "friend of the family" when conversing with Brother Thomas.
  • Persuading Brother Thomas to release Emogene from captivity in Emogene Takes a Lover (through peaceful dialogue).
  • Unlocking Lorenzo Cabot's cell at the conclusion of The Secret of Cabot House.
  • Responding positively to settlers who request assistance (repeatable). Note: Can accept the quest from Preston Garvey or Radio Freedom, but conversing directly with the settlers themselves earns approval.
  • Providing a home for the Vault-Tec rep in Sanctuary.
  • Freeing Lorenzo Cabot during The Secret of Cabot House.
  • Confronting Theodore Collins during Mystery Meat.
  • Offering Sheffield a bottle of Nuka-Cola.
  • Reaching a peaceful compromise with Jacob Orden in Covenant during Human Error.
  • Attempting to convince Doctor Roslyn Chambers to spare the girl held in the Compound during Human Error.
  • Persuading Paul Pembroke not to shoot Henry Cooke during Diamond City Blues.
  • Agreeing to a 50-50 split with Paul after the chems bust.
  • Communicating the state of the pre-War world as "beautiful and peaceful" to Daisy during the initial encounter.
  • Persuading Dr. Li to resume her duties on Liberty Prime throughout the Liberty Reprimed quest by emphasizing our concern for the well-being of the Commonwealth. Approval is granted upon the successful completion of the quest.
  • Consenting to assist the robotic farmers at Graygarden during the Troubled Waters quest. Additionally, acknowledging their capabilities, exhibiting polite behavior, and earning approval, which can be obtained at least four times during the initial conversation with Supervisor White.
  • Executing Eddie Winter.
  • Advising Tinker Tom to remain calm during the Precipice of War quest.
  • Instructing AJ to cease selling to children in The Silver Shroud quest.
  • Advising Kent Connolly to persevere in the fight towards the conclusion of The Silver Shroud quest.
  • Terminating Baker in Quincy.
  • Commenting to Blake Abernathy about the demanding nature of farming.
  • Asserting that the Sole Survivor supports the press upon entering Diamond City for the first time.
  • Aligning with the Railroad when conversing with Desdemona in End of the Line.
  • Expressing gratitude to Ricky Dalton, the "tourist," for providing valuable intel in the Tradecraft quest.
  • Truthfully conveying information to Desdemona at the conclusion of the Tradecraft quest.
  • Joining the Railroad upon completing the Tradecraft quest.
  • Declining to take Tinker Tom's serum after concluding Tradecraft.
  • Informing Dr. Carrington that paranoia has a justified basis after completing Tradecraft.
  • Advising Joe Savoldi that assisting others is commendable in Bunker Hill.
  • Asserting to Joe Savoldi that saving synths is a noble pursuit in Bunker Hill.
  • Assisting H2-22 in reaching Ticonderoga in Boston After Dark.
  • Responding negatively to Vadim Bobrov's suggestion about taking out Travis with a "Horrible Idea."
  • Answering Vadim Bobrov's question about the experience in bar fights with a direct "no" during Confidence Man.
  • Assuring Travis Miles that you have his back during the bar fight in Confidence Man.
  • Comforting Travis Miles by stating "it's not your fault" right after Vadim Bobrov is kidnapped in Confidence Man.
  • Advising Travis Miles to "stay cool" before entering Beantown Brewery in Confidence Man.
  • Expressing "you're welcome" to Vadim Bobrov after rescuing him inside the Beantown Brewery during Confidence Man.
  • Conveying "good to hear" to Travis Miles after rescuing Vadim Bobrov inside the Beantown Brewery during Confidence Man.
  • Successfully completing Barney Rook's quest by activating his turrets.
  • Requesting Proctor Ingram's support during the Spoils of War quest.
  • Responding to X6-88 with "avoid violence" or "it's inhumane" during the Synth Retention quest.
  • Answering the first mate with "calm down" or "misunderstanding" during the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution quest.
  • Injecting humor into the situation with Ironsides during the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution quest.
  • Aligning with Ironsides when conversing with Mandy Stiles in the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution quest.
  • During the initial conversation with Captain Ironsides in the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution quest, opting for either "thanks" or "I'm fine," then "humoring him."
  • Choosing "help Ironsides" when speaking with Mandy Stiles during the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution quest.
  • Expressing sympathy when Preston Garvey discusses losing people in his group during the initial meeting in When Freedom Calls.
  • Telling Preston Garvey "feeling's mutual" after utilizing the minigun and power armor in Concord during When Freedom Calls.
  • Agreeing to partner with Glory outside of Malden Center during the Memory Interrupted quest.
  • Agreeing to accompany Preston Garvey back to Sanctuary Hills during the When Freedom Calls quest.
  • Persuading Mama Murphy to break her chems dependence.
  • Agreeing to track down Nick Valentine for Ellie Perkins at the end of Jewel of the Commonwealth.
  • Talking Darla into leaving when dealing with Skinny Malone during Unlikely Valentine.
  • Convincing Mayor McDonough to hand over Kellogg's house key in Getting a Clue by letting him know Kellogg is a murderer and kidnapper.
  • Informing Mayor McDonough that Kellogg is a kidnapper while inquiring about Kellogg's house key.
  • Admitting regret about offing Kellogg to Piper and Nick Valentine at the end of Reunions.
  • Letting Desdemona know that you miss Glory too before starting To the Matresses.
  • Taking Piper's side in her argument with Mayor McDonough on the first visit to Diamond City.
  • Apologizing to Jack Cabot about Lorenzo's death at the end of The Secret of Cabot House.
  • Telling Geneva to "just trust me" or "finding my baby" when asking about Kellogg's house key.
  • Opting for the "hard work," "That's terrible," & "I'll get it back" speech options when meeting Blake Abernathy, earning three likes in one conversation.
  • Choosing "Offer to help," "Talk to Trudy," & "End peacefully" when dealing with Wolfgang at Drumlin Diner.
  • Telling Hancock "I feel you" upon arriving in Goodneighbor.
  • Opting for more benevolent parameters in the Vault-Tec Workshop experiments.

DLC Quests

  • Choosing "synths are still people" when talking to Kenji Nakano in Far From Home.
  • Apologizing to DiMA after revealing your affiliation with the Railroad in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Agreeing to help Pearl in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Taking care of Ezra Parker after reporting to Maxwell in Brain Dead in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling Kasumi Nakano that she is not a replacement in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Offering assistance to Kasumi Nakano in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Responding with "you are good people" when asked by Teddy Wright in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Assisting Small Bertha for free and complimenting her as remarkable in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Advising the Mariner to 'stay with friends' in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Saying "will do anything for family" to Mitch in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Convincing Uncle Ken to return to Far Harbor in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Responding with "helping friends" to Captain Avery in The Changing Tide in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Advising the Mariner to "play it safe" in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling the Mariner to help others during The Great Hunt in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Declining job offers from Fred Allen in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Saying "an honor and make peace to Far Harbor" when talking to High Confessor Tektus in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Giving the note to Sister Aubert in Witch Hunt inFar Harbor DLC.
  • Suggesting talking to Gwyneth and refusing to execute Gwyneth when talking to Grand Zealot Richter in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling Gwyneth to leave the island or encouraging her to return to the Nucleus in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Admiring Devin's devotion and agreeing to help Devin when talking to Ware in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Stating DiMA is a fraud in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Refusing to replace High Confessor Tektus with a synth in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Convincing Tektus to leave instead of killing him during Reformation in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling Allen to shut up or stating Acadia is innocent in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Accusing Julianna Riggs of murder in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Refusing to send settlers to Malcolm to be killed in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Revealing your past to Jule in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Saying "some good in there" to reconstructed Jezebel when talking about the Mechanist in Automatron DLC.
  • Accepting the Rogue Robot quest (repeatable) in Automatron DLC.
  • Thanking Porter Gage after taking down the overboss in Nuka World DLC.
  • Responding "I'm truly sorry" to John-Caleb Bradberton in Cappy in a Haystack in Nuka World DLC.
  • Offering to help Sierra Petrovita in Nuka World DLC.
  • Responding "Everybody likes me" to Porter Gage when discussing the gangs at Fizztop Grille in Nuka World DLC.
  • Telling Nisha that the Gauntlet must be shut down in Nuka World DLC.
  • Offering Harvey a Stimpak during All Aboard in Nuka World DLC.
  • Agreeing to help Harvey rescue his family in Nuka World DLC.
  • Telling Cito to leave Safari Adventure in Nuka World DLC.
  • Asking Cito to share the park with your friends in Nuka World DLC.
  • Persuading Oswald the Outrageous to leave Nuka World in Nuka World DLC.

Fallout 4 Curie's Loves

See all Curie's Loves (click to reveal)
  • Wrapping up Piper's interview by telling folks who've had family snatched not to lose hope.
  • Finishing up the experiment at the Cambridge Polymer Labs. But hey, if you go ahead and override the defense systems before completing it, Curie won't bat an eye.
  • Sticking up for synths when meeting Desdemona in Road to Freedom.
  • Delivering that experimental serum to Virgil.
  • Having a bit of a spat about the importance of friends with Sinjin.
  • Opting for those optimistic and hopeful dialogue choices during Piper's interview.
  • Going against the whole synth genocide vibe when chatting with Roslyn Chambers in the Compound during Human Error.
  • Telling Wiseman that the ghoul collective sounds like a "great idea."
  • Swearing to risk life and limb to save a synth when talking to Desdemona about joining The Railroad in Road to Freedom.
  • Going with "I'll do my best" to Desdemona when it comes to reaching out to Patriot in The Molecular Level.
  • Assuring Glory that you'll make sure all the Railroad members get out safe and sound.
  • Standing up for the Railroad when having a heart-to-heart with Desdemona in End of the Line.
  • Defending the Hippocratic Oath during Vision of the Future in Vault-Tec Workshop.

DLC Quests

  • Healing up Andre Michaud from his radiation poisoning in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling Old Longfellow to chill out when meeting the Children of Atom for the first time in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Sharing the wisdom that "people should come together" with The Mariner in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Advocating to protect Far Harbor in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Going for the "Don't talk like that" response after handing over the final robobrain head to Ada during Headhunting in Automatron DLC.
  • Reminding Ada that she's being helpful, she's an individual, and not to think that way when she asks about Jezebel's head in Automatron DLC.

Fallout 4 Curie's Dislikes

See all Curie's Dislikes (click to reveal)
  • Haggling for a better payout on quests from folks in need (except for that fancy deathclaw egg delivery
  • Curie's cool if you ask for more there). Even sweetening the deal on a nonviolent merc gig won't ruffle Curie's feathers.
  • Going all out on violence for no good reason.
  • Sneaking and thieving your way through.
  • Taking down Dr. Roslyn Chambers in the Compound.
  • Giving a neutral Mister Gutsy or Mister Handy a one-way ticket to destruction.
  • Gaining entry to the town of Covenant.
  • Sampling some of Tinker Tom's serum.
  • Dropping a "you hate everyone" line on Dr. Carrington.
  • Grabbing synths for the Institute.
  • Getting hooked on chems.
  • Having a chat with Pickman after checking out his gallery.
  • Calling Jack Cabot's alien-helping-human-civilization story "interesting."
  • Throwing threats at the second leader of the Pillars of the Community during Emogene Takes a Lover.
  • Taking out Lorenzo Cabot. Though, if you crack open the door after he's done for, Curie still gives you a nod as if you set him free.
  • Talking Clarke into turning himself in during Duty or Dishonor.
  • Safely returning that pristine deathclaw egg to its nest during The Devil's Due.
  • Telling Vadim Bobrov you've got experience in bar fights with a "yes."
  • Going for the "you've got plunder?" and then "you have my word" with Gabriel during Synth Retention.
  • Offing Gabriel during Synth Retention.
  • Bringing Gabriel back into the fold during Synth Retention.
  • Kicking off the Underground Undercover quest by telling Desdemona you're siding with the Railroad.
  • Throwing a threat at the first mate during Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.
  • When Captain Ironsides asks how you're doing, either hit him with a "thanks" or "I'm fine," and then tell him to "abandon ship."
  • Choosing to "help scavengers" when talking with Mandy Stiles during the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.
  • Meeting Roger Warwick and telling him straight up, "this place reeks."
  • Going with "hair-brained theory" during his alien talk.
  • Dropping the bomb on Piper and Nick Valentine that you'd kill Kellogg again at the end of Reunions.
  • Spinning a little white lie to Desdemona at the end of Tradecraft.
  • Nailing the dialogue challenge with Finn when you roll into Goodneighbor.
  • Snagging a job from Whitechapel Charlie after some bartering.
  • Giving the nod to violence when talking to Skinny Malone.
  • Playing it cool with the "unsure" or "no" when Paladin Danse pitches joining the Brotherhood of Steel.

DLC Quests

  • Breaking the news to Uncle Ken that his time is up in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Suggesting DiMA go ahead and wipe The Nucleus in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Hitting DiMA with a sarcastic response when you first meet him in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Taking a little bribe from Ezra Parker in Brain Dead,  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Throwing out a threat to drag Uncle Ken in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling The Mariner "crazier the better" in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Taking up work offers from Fred Allen in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling High Confessor Tektus it's too many rads and surrounded by fanatics when you chat with him in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Giving a hand to High Confessor Tektus in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Asking Sister Aubert to pay up in Witch Hunt,  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Suggesting to encourage Brother Devin, calling him nuts, and refusing to help Brother Devin when chatting with Zealot Ware,  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Claiming to be Atom's messenger to Brother Devin,  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Picking up the Reformation quest from DiMA,  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Helping Cog hide Jule's past in  Far Harbor DLC.
  • Telling Ada there's no more time for mistakes when she asks about Jezebel's head in Automatron DLC.
  • Going with the sarcastic option when talking to reconstructed Jezebel about the Mechanist in Automatron DLC.If you're feeling cheeky, lie to Sierra Petrovita about knowing her Nuka-Cola museum in Nuka World DLC.
  • Telling Porter Gage "he's dead" when discussing Harvey over the intercom before entering the Cola-cars arena in Nuka World DLC.Dropping a sarcastic response to Bradberton in Cappy in a Haystack during the first conversation selection in Nuka World DLC.
  • Telling Harvey his family is toast during All Aboard in Nuka World DLC.
  • Throwing in with Harvey to rescue his family for some caps in Nuka World DLC.
  • Taking out Cito's "family" in Nuka World DLC.

Fallout 4 Curie's Hates

See all Curie's Hates (click to reveal)
  • When you're out there committing murder.
  • Stirring up settlers, even the ones from Diamond City, so they all come at the Sole Survivor with hostility (and then just walking away).
  • Making the call to wipe out the Railroad.
  • Deciding to off the Cabots.
  • Letting Deacon know that the Sole Survivor is totally cool with the Institute during Tradecraft.
  • Straight up telling Blake Abernathy that his daughter "got what she deserved."
  • Joking around with others while you're in a committed relationship.
  • Jumping Trish after giving her a pass (which pretty much guarantees she'll flip and get hostile).
  • Giving a thumbs up to "removing" DJ Travis.
  • Talking Virgil into ending it all, especially after letting him know the experimental serum is nowhere in sight.
  • Flipping the script and taking out Virgil after convincing him to call it quits.
  • Deciding to wipe out the whole Railroad crew when having a chat with Desdemona in End of the Line.
  • Putting an end to Ashes during the Here Kitty, Kitty quest.
  • Going with "Leave Her" when talking with Glory during Precipice of War.
  • Ditching synth Shaun during The Nuclear Option.

DLC Quests

  • Straight up telling High Confessor Tektus to destroy Far Harbor when having a chat in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Suggesting to DiMA to wreck The Nucleus and Far Harbor in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Giving DiMA props for doing the right thing with the synth replacer in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Setting off Division in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Agreeing to send settlers to Malcolm to be offed for some caps in Far Harbor DLC.
  • Taking out Harvey during All Aboard in Nuka World DLC.
  • Deciding to end Cito during Safari Adventure in Nuka World DLC.
  • Going with the "I Hate Robots" dialogue option when first talking to Sheriff Hawk in Nuka World DLC.



Curie Fallout 4 Notes & Tips

  • Fallout 4 Curie notes and tips go here.
  • Her name CVRIE is an acronym for Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer.
  • She can become a Synth after the completion of Emergent Behavior.
  • She will automatically switch to a melee weapon in close range - or her bare fists if none is provided in her inventory.
    This may be due to her Mr Handy combat AI being somewhat retained as a synth.



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