Controls for Fallout 4 are listed here. The are shown for each console as well as PC.



Xbox One Controls

Fallout 4 control scheme for xbox one.png

A - Activate

B - Open/Close Pipboy

X - Ready Weapon/Reload Weapon (Hold to sheath/holster)

Y - Jump

Start - Pause

Back - Point of View Toggle

RB - Bash/Power Attack/Grenade (hold)

LB - V.A.T.S.

RT - Attack

LB - Aim/Block

LS - Move/Sprint (click)

RS - Look/Sneak (click)

D-Pad - Favorites (A to select Favorite)

PS4 Controls


PC Controls

W - Forward
A - Strafe left
S - Back
D - Strafe right

E - Interact
Q - V.A.T.S
R - Reload (can be used as alternate interact key by some mods)
R hold - Holster weapon
V - 3rd person view
V hold - Workshop (In settlements)
M - Map
I - Inventory
J - Data
O - Radio
K - Quick stats

Shift - Run
Ctrl - Crouch (stealth mode)
Space - Jump
Alt - Melee / power bash
Alt hold - Throw grenade
Caps lock - Toggle always run
Tab - PipBoy
Tab hold - PipBoy light

Left mouse button - Shoot
Right mouse button - Aim / block
Midlle mouse button - POV / workshop toggle

F5 - Quick save
F9 - Quick load

ESC - Pause


How to Wait

Waiting is a little different than in past games where you could select the method via a button press. Now to wait, you must find a piece of furniture that you do NOT own and sit, which will allow you to initiate a wait period.

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