This is a list of player builds in Fallout 4. Feel free to add your builds to share with other players. Please explain the build's goals, strengths, weaknesses, relevant Equipment, Perks and Stats with links to relevant pages on the wiki. Use Heading 3 to title your build and create separation from other builds and use Heading 4 for each sub section.


Randomseila's Sniper

S. 5 + Bobblehead = 6
P. 7 + Bobblehead = 8
E. 2 + Bobblehead = 3
C. 2 + Bobblehead = 3
I. 4 + Bobblehead + S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Book = 6
A. 6 + Bobblehead = 7
L. 2 + Bobblehead = 3

Essential Perks

Rifleman lvl5
Awareness lvl1
Lone Wanderer lvl3
Sneak lvl5
Mister Sandman lvl3
Ninja lvl3
Scrounger lvl2
Blood Mess lvl4

Companion MUST HAVE perk

Cloak & Dagger ( Deacon ).


Best Option -> ( Instigating or Two shot ) Suppressed Marksman .50 sniper rifle
Second best Option -> Tinker Tom special ( unique suppressed hunting rifle )
Detected Mid-distance combat -> Explosive Shotgun.
Stealth Close combat -> Deliverer ( Unique suppressed 10mm pistol )


Clothing -> Minuteman outfit.
hat -> any perception +1 hat
eyewear -> any perception +1 eyewear
Chest armor -> Wastelanders's chest piece
Legs and arms -> any type of armor ( heavier pieces makes more noise, so you will be less stealthy ) with following legendary effects: Chameleon and Cunning.


1- There is no need to get Gun nut to lvl3 because you can loot the mods you want from weapons that are dropped from enemies. but if you want to get the best weapon as fast as possible ( like I did ) spend 3 points in this perk. Same thing can be said to armorer and blacksmith.
2- I recommend that you max Strong Back and Life giver as you won't use any companion ( lone wanderer give you 25% more damage if you travel without companion ) so you will have more HP and Carry weight.
3- Hacking and Locksmith are a must have at lvl3 but still are optional.


1- Lots of damage. ( 994damage in stealth per shot with a normal .50 sniper rifle )
2- Chameleon mod + 12 Agility allows you to be invisible ( harder to detect ) so you can move almost freely inside buildings.
3- 15 Perception allows you to have a huge accuracy with V.A.T.S.
2- Chameleon mod + 12 Agility allows you to easily walk through enemies.
4- 23 free perk points for you to decide what is best to your way of playing.


1- Squishy
2- Can't carry much stuff
3- Don't work well without suppressed weapons. ( You can buy Tinker Tom Special at the very beginning which helps a lot )
4- Hard to play in the beginning because of lack of ammo.
5- Can't use power armor as it make too much noise.

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