Locations & Places in Fallout 4 are listed here. See the Maps page for world maps. For the locations present in the Far Harbor DLC see The Island page which is the name of the landmass where the expansion takes place.

Greater Boston Neighborhoods

Cambridge Primary Locations

Cambridge Secondary Locations

  • Bridge Den]] (Cambridge)
  • Charles River Boathouse
  • Red Rocket Filling Station (College Square)
  • Union's Hope Cathedral
  • Hardware Store (Cambridge)
  • Plumber's Secret
  • Raider Bonfire Camp
  • Red Rocket Filling Station (North Central Cambridge)
  • Raider Camp (Narrow Yard)
  • Cambridge Park and Old Covered Alley
  • Mass Chemical
  • Super Mutant High Rise
  • Raider Platforms (Cambridge)
  • Raider Rooftop Apartments (Cambridge)
  • Campus Office and Covered Bridge
  • Kendall Parking
  • Kendall Raider Apartments
  • Ticonderoga Safehouse
  • Public Works Maintenance Area
  • Science Center Gift Shop

Charlestown Primary Locations

Charelstown Secondary Locations

  • Ruined Tavern (Charlestown)
  • Back Alley Scaffold Steps
  • Green Awning Mansion
  • Drug Den
  • South Alley and Garage
  • Abandoned House
  • Scavenger Camp (Charlestown)
  • Shelled-Out Building
  • Charlestown Laundry
  • South Apartments (Charlestown)

The Fens Primary Locations

The Fens Secondary Locations

  • Fens Subway Station (Outskirts)
  • Fens Tunnel Entrance
  • Super Mutant Alley Apartments
  • Anna's CafĂ©
  • Raider Back-Alley Camp (The Fens)
  • Bridgeway Trust
  • Bridgeway Garage
  • Diner and Apartments (The Fens)
  • Settler's Stop (The Fens)
  • Raider Cul-de-Sac (The Fens)
  • Scaffold Bridge (The Fens)
  • Diamond City Scrap
  • Scavenger's Rest (The Fens)

Esplanade Primary Locations

Esplanade Secondary Locations

  • Footbridge (Esplanade)
  • Holy Mission Congregation Church
  • Barricade and Rooftops
  • Rooftop Den (Esplanade)
  • Malborough House
  • Raider Lookout (Esplanade)
  • Gun Shop Garage
  • Commonwealth Avenue

Back Bay Primary Locations

Back Bay Secondary Locations

  • The Corner of Mass and Newbury
  • Half-Demolished Apartment (Back Bay)
  • Trinity Plaza Parking
  • Shenley's Oyster Bar
  • The Patriot's Sleep Shack
  • Trader Rooftop (Back Bay)
  • Raider Rooftops (Back Bay)
  • Warren Theater
  • Raider Blockade (Southeast Back Bay)

Beacon Hill Primary Locations

Beacon Hill Secondary Locations

  • Beacon Hill Apartments
  • Demolished Apartment Tower (Beacon Hill)
  • Playground Garage
  • Rooftop Generator (Beacon Hill)
  • Destroyed Tenement (Beacon Hill)
  • Rubble Overlook

North End Primary Locations

North End Secondary Locations

  • Rooftop Apartment (North End)
  • North End Graveyard
  • Railroad HQ Escape Tunnel Exit
  • Raider Courtyard (North End)
  • Hot Pizza Pie Shop
  • Crashed Vertibird (Military Barge)
  • Wharfside Cottage
  • Rooftop Lounger
  • Skytram (North End Elevated Freeway)
  • Mean Pastries
  • Pickman's Exit
  • Boxing Gym
  • Scaffold Stairs (North End)
  • Billboard Alley
  • Ruined Brick Apartment (North End)
  • Subway Station (North End)
  • Paul Revere's House

Boston Common Primary Locations

Boston Common Secondary Locations

  • Super Mutant Hotel Shell
  • Prost Bar

Financial District Primary Locations

Financial District Secondary Locations

  • Weatherby Investment Trust
  • Congress Street Garage
  • Bus Wreckage
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Skyscraper Stash
  • Elevated Road (West Access)
  • Elevated Raider Camp (Financial District)
  • Elevated Road (Central Access)
  • Railroad Hideout (Financial District)
  • 35 Court
  • Rooftop Hideaway (Financial District)
  • PedestrianUnderpass
  • Parking garage and Raider Rooftops
  • Water Street Apartments

Theater District Primary Locations

Theater District Secondary Locations

  • Hub 360
  • Pearwood Residences
  • The Plank Walk (Theater District)
  • Gunner Encampment (Theater District)
  • Parking Garage (Theater District)
  • Ticker Tape Lounge (Northwest)
  • Ticker Tape Lounge (Southeast)
  • Under the On-Ramp: Camp and Garage
  • The On-Ramp (Theater District)
  • Railroad Dead Drop (Theater District)
  • Street Corner (Theater District)
  • Old Sniper Camp

Boston Harbor (Waterfront) Primary Locations

Boston Harbor (Waterfront) Secondary Locations

  • Waterfront Park
  • Custom House Tower Courtyard
  • Warehouse and Wharf
  • Scavengers' Rooftops (Waterfront)
  • Tinkerer's Boathouse (Waterfront)
  • Main Boathouse (Waterfront)
  • Locked Diner
  • Pedestrian Walkway (Waterfront)
  • Waterfront Cabin
  • Scrap Metal Barge
  • Desolate Promenade

South Boston Primary Locations

South Boston Secondary Locations

  • Bus and Apartment Wreckage
  • Joe's Spuckies (Southie Speakeasy)
  • Dockside Warehouse (South Boston)
  • Factory (South Boston)
  • Four Leaf Fishpacking Container Yard
  • Construction Yard
  • Roof Generator (South Boston)
  • Roundabout Raider Camp
  • Hawthorne Estate
  • Dorchester Height Monument
  • Roof Camp (South Boston)
  • The Candy Shop
  • South Boston Church
  • South Boston Wharf and Restrooms
  • Rusting Ship and Stilt Cabin

Alphabetical Locations



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