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Synth Retention is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Synth Retention Information


  1. Talk to Father
  2. Meet up with the Courser
  3. Reclaim the Rogue Synth
  4. Return to Father
  5. Visit your quarters




Rad Resist.png In this quest you are asked to reclaim a rogue Synth. The synth in question has not only gone rogue, but believes he is human and worse, has become the leader of a particularly vicious band of raiders. Fortunately, Shaun will lay on a Courser to help you, X6-88. Leave the Institute and go towards Nahant. You will find the Nahant Sheriff's Department deserted.

Rad Resist.png This large Raider camp is heavily fortified with enemies and turrets. As well as that, it's built across a maze of boats, gangways and planks. It's very difficult to pick your way through and fight at the same time. The easiest solution is to take your time and thin out some of the raiders with a sniper rifle. If you head over to the east side of the area, you will find a boat with a terminal and a safe inside, netting you some valuables for your troubles.

Rad Resist.png As you near the tanker, you have two viable options to gain access: you may swim to the sunken tanker or you may use a platform from the trash boat and ride it across. Be careful of the raider with the Fat Man as you ascend the structure. He camps out on a ledge above, snipe him if you're able. Work your way up the gantries, there is a legendary enemy up here as well as multiple regular raiders, so make sure your shots are accurate and work through carefully, looting ammo as you go.

Rad Resist.png When you reach the top of the gantries you will find the captain's cabin. When you're inside X6-88 will tell you the reset code for the synth, giving you options. Search around to find a legendary weapon and then climb the ladder to the last section.

Rad Resist.png You will find yourself at the top of the ship, Gabriel the rogue synth will stand before you with two human lieutenants. Speak to him and you are given the option to reset him. Gabriel cannot be killed regardless of dialogue options chosen, and if you do not reset him X6-88 will. His 2 lieutenants must be slain.

Rad Resist.png Regardless of how you proceed, the mission is successful. Returning to the Institute, Father rewards you will your own living quarters and supplies. Go there and then speak to X6-88 to proceed onward.

Video Walkthrough

- JudasBlitzkrieg JudasBlitzkrieg - Synth Retention Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Okay, so whenever I go in to my quarters, the quest marker just stays there. So basically, I can't finish the quest. I read that if you go back to Libertalia and talk to X6-88, it will work. But I can't find him. And yes, I saw him teleport away. Help?

      • Anonymous

        okay, I've tried everything and cannot get passed the visit your quarters glitch. I've gone back to Libertalia and killed everybody including turrets that I could find and still cannot complete the mission when I enter the my quarters. Is there any other way around this glitch???

        • Anonymous

          So father says he put supplies and weapons in my personal quarters...but all I see is the same crappy ***** that's in any standard room. Am I missing something or is my son a cheap ungrateful bastard who never learned any respect?

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