Kid in a Fridge

Quest Giver
Side Quest
250 Bottlecaps
Quincy Ruins
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Kid in a Fridge is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Kid in a Fridge Information


  1. Investigate the voice
  2. Talk to Billy
  3. Take Billy Home
  4. Talk to Bullet
  5. Sell Billy to Bullet
  6. OR Take care of Billy
  7. Talk to Matt Peabody




Rad Resist.png In the wasteland, there is fridge west of Jamaica Plain and south of University Point, near a collection of debris. If you come near the fridge you will hear a voice coming from it. Speak to Billy who is inside and trapped. Shoot the door off to discover that Billy is a child and a ghoul. There are a few different speech options for you here. Ultimately agree to escort him back home.

Rad Resist.png Eliminate all the Mirelurk enemies in the area around his home in the Peabody residence which sits south of Quincy Ruins. Upon arriving a Gunner by the name of Bullet will approach you and offer to purchase Billy from you. You can agree or refuse to his offer. If you refuse, you may opt to kill Bullet now rather than later.

Rad Resist.png Go into the house and speak with Carol Peabody and Matt Peabody. You will then have another encounter with Bullet and his henchmen. Speak to him again. You may:
  • Sell the family, and receive a reward from Bullet.
  • Sell the family, talk to the family and kill Bullet and his men.
  • Protect the family and kill Buillet and his men and receive a reward from Matt.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      I've been stuck with billy for a while now trying to find where he lives, I tried selling him to bullet but failed when I asked for too much. Any ideas where I should look?

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