Endings for Fallout 4 contains guides on the various potential conclusions of the game. These outcomes are shaped by the player's influence on certain interactable elements, actions taken, and potentially, dialogue choices made throughout the game. This page will cover all the relevant guides or helpful information for unlocking the available endings for Fallout 4. It will also include important pointers, prerequisites, and conditions for completing the main campaign. There are a total of 4 endings in Fallout 4, and the main story concludes once the players reach the Institute. They are then given the choice of either helping one of the main 4 factions. In all endings, the player becomes the faction leader of the faction they choose to assist.


Fallout 4 Endings Guide

Warning: This page contains spoilers for the ending of Fallout 4.

Minutemen Ending

  1. Allied with The Railroad Faction.
  2. Destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel and The Institute Factions.


This ending can only be achieved if the player got hostile with the Institute during their playthrough of the main story. For this ending, the Minutemen rise as the predominant faction in the Commonwealth, with the player fully reinstating their authority. It is possible to maintain amicable relations with both The Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel factions by avoiding hostility towards either faction.

This is also one of the fastest endings attainable, only requiring the player to build 8 settlements and earning the Institute's hostility. By following all the Minutemen quests, players will receive a holotape enabling them to extract data from the Institute's computers. This initiates a mission to Defend the Castle, leading to an infiltration of the Institute. As a final step, players must dismantle the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Railroad faction remains active for questing purposes, provided players did not do anything that would turn them hostile. The Minutemen are the only neutral faction, harboring no conflicts with other groups and are mostly settlement based.

This is also considered to be the true good ending, as their primary aim is freedom and prosperity, to live in Boston and be free. Players can resume working with the Minutemen after completing another faction's assault on The Institute. However, once the Nuclear Option quest is started, players won't be able to go through with this ending.


Brotherhood of Steel Ending

  1. Allied with the Minutemen Faction.
  2. Destroyed The Railroad and The Institute Factions.


For this ending, the Brotherhood of Steel eliminates both The Railroad and The Institute, elevating the Sole Survivor to the rank of sentinel. Despite achieving their primary goals, the Brotherhood of Steel remains in the Commonwealth, and continue with their other tasks.

Players can initiate the Brotherhood of Steel ending by either delivering the holotape to them or by progressing through the Institute's quests, ultimately betraying the Institute and informing the Brotherhood about the Mass Fusion plant. If players want to avoid constructing the parts for Liberty Prime, they can simply finish the Institute quests.

As a reward for completing all quests, players will uncover Paladin Danse's true identity as a synth, granting them the choice of having him accompany them or not.


Railroad Ending

  1. Allied with the Minutemen Faction.
  2. Destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel and The Institute Factions.


In this ending, The Railroad destroys both the Brotherhood of Steel and The Institute, shifting their focus to safeguarding synths from hostile factions. Additionally, their military presence expands as their agents patrol the wastelands, and they assert their presence by displaying their flags throughout Diamond City.

The Railroad's objective is to dismantle anyone and anything that seeks to control the synths. To achieve this, the player needs to infiltrate The Institute, defend their headquarters, eliminate the Brotherhood of Steel, and ultimately dismantle the Institute. The outcome of this ending resembles that of the Minutemen's ending, allowing synths to enjoy freedom without manipulation. However, the Railroad's motivations are somewhat complex.

This ending requires the players to maintain a positive relationship with the Institute until the Underground Undercover quest. Any prior hostility with the Institute will lock the players out from achieving this ending.


Institute Ending

  1. Allied with the Minutemen Faction.
  2. Destroyed The Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel Factions.


In this ending, both the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel are destroyed. With their enemies eliminated and their advanced Nuclear Reactor operational, the Institute solidifies its control over the Commonwealth, intensifying its presence. Synths become more visible, patrolling the Commonwealth and the Diamond City being decorated with the flags of the Institute. The Sole Survivor is promoted to the role of director, issuing a statement about the Institute's future and the Commonwealth. This declaration doesn't have any in-game consequences besides the speech being repeatedly broadcasted on Diamond City Radio.

To achieve this ending, the players would simply need to follow all the quests from Father. Retrieve some synths, eliminate the Railroad, and then destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. With these actions completed, the Institute attains all power to dictate humanity's future and the synths will remain under their control.

The players will have the option to betray the Brotherhood of Steel and seek refuge in the Institute when they mobilize to assault Mass Fusion.


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