Pip-Boy in Fallout 4 will be covered here. The Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV (Personal Information Processor) contains all the information the player needs to succeed in the wasteland of the Commonwealth. It also features the ability to play game tapes directly on it, Atomic Command, Red Menace, Zeta Invaders, Grognak and the Ruby Ruins, and Pipfall.

Changing the color of the Pip-Boy screen, will also change the color of the Pip-Boy light to match.

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Pip-Boy Information


Game Tapes

Activity Stats

General Stats

Locations Discovered
Dungeons Cleared
Days Passed
Hours Slept
Hours Waiting
Caps Found
Most Caps Carried
Junk Collected
Chests Looted
Magazines Found
Food Eaten
Stimpaks Taken
Rad-X Taken
RadAway Taken
Chems Taken
Fusion Cores Used
Times Addicted
Mines Disarmed
Pants Exploded
Corpses Eaten
Persuasion Successes
Bobbleheads Collected
Sandman Kills
Paralyzing Punches
Robots Disabled
Mysterious Stranger Visits

Quest Stats

Quests Completed
Misc Objectives Completed
Main Quests Completed
Side Quests Completed
Brotherhood of Steel Quests Completed
Institute Quests Completed
Minutemen Quests Completed
Railroad Quests Completed

Combat Stats

People Killed
Animals Killed
Creatures Killed
Robots Killed
Synths Killed
Turrets Killed
Critical Strikes
Sneak Attacks
Weapons Disarmed

Crafting Stats

Weapons Improved
Armor Improved
Plants Harvested
Chems Crafted
Food Cooked
Workshops Unlocked
Items Scrapped
Objects Built

Crime Stats

Locks Picked
Computers Hacked
Pockets Picked
Items Stolen

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