Pip-Boy in Fallout 4 contains all the information the player needs to succeed in the wasteland of the Commonwealth. The Pip-Boy has an extensive array of functionalities that assist players in managing their inventory and navigating the game's map. Possessing this device is essential for successfully navigating Fallout 4's apocalyptic world, as it serves as a crucial tool for survival and progress within the game. It also features the ability to play game tapes directly on it, Atomic Command, Red Menace, Zeta Invaders, Grognak and the Ruby Ruins, and Pipfall.

Changing the color of the Pip-Boy screen, will also change the color of the Pip-Boy light to match.

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Guide 


In Fallout 4, this section provides detailed information about your character's stats and current status. When you access the Pip-Boy and navigate to the STAT section, you'll encounter various sub-sections that showcase different aspects of your character's attributes, skills, and overall status. This is a list of the subsections that you'll find the STAT section of your Pip-Boy:


In Fallout 4, this section provides detailed information about your character's stats and current status. When you access the Pip-Boy and navigate to the STAT section, you'll encounter various sub-sections that showcase different aspects of your character's attributes, skills, and overall status. This is a list of the subsections that you'll find the STAT section of your Pip-Boy:



  • Here, you'll discover details about your character's perks, such as their level and experience points. Fallout 4 utilizes a perk system connected to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes, allowing you to assign perk points to enhance your skills.


  • In the event that your character has developed an addiction to chems or other substances, this sub-section will provide information about those specific addictions.

Companion Affinity

  • When traveling with Companions, the STAT section may include information about your current companion's affinity or relationship with you.


  • The sub-section displays the amount of radiation your character has been exposed to, providing information about their current radiation levels.


In Fallout 4, the Pip-Boy's RADIO section enables you to tune into various radio stations, each providing distinct content such as music, news, and commentary. When you access the Pip-Boy and go to the RADIO section, you'll discover multiple radio stations to enjoy while exploring the Commonwealth. Here are the radio stations available:

Diamond City Radio

  • Diamond City Radio serves as the primary music station in the Commonwealth. It plays a mix of pre-war songs spanning various genres, interspersed with Travis Miles' commentary and personality.

Radio Freedom

  • This Minutemen's radio station becomes accessible if you establish settlements and set up a recruitment radio beacon. Radio Freedom broadcasts updates on settlements and occasionally provides aid to nearby settlements in need.

Classical Radio

  • This station features classical music from before the Great War.


In Fallout 4, the Pip-Boy's MAP section features an interactive map of the game world, known as the Commonwealth. When you access the Pip-Boy and go to the MAP section, you'll encounter a detailed representation of the explored area.

Location Markers

  • The map shows different location markers, like settlements, towns, points of interest, and key locations. Icons represent various types of places such as settlements, dungeons, and notable landmarks.

Fast Travel Points

  • Locations you've discovered and unlocked for fast travel are highlighted on the map. Utilize these points to swiftly travel between different areas in the Commonwealth.

Quest Markers

  • Active quest markers are visible on the map, guiding you to specific locations relevant to your ongoing quests.

Player Marker

  • Your current location is indicated by a marker on the map. As you move, the marker updates in real-time.


  • The legend on the map provides information about the various icons and symbols used to represent different types of locations and points of interest.


In Fallout 4, the INV (Inventory) section within the Pip-Boy presents a thorough inventory list encompassing all items, weapons, apparel, aid, and miscellaneous items currently carried by your character. Upon opening the Pip-Boy and accessing the INV section, you'll encounter a categorized list detailing the contents of your inventory. Below are types of items in your inventory:


  • This category encompasses a wide range of wearable items, including but not limited to clothing, armor, and accessories.


  • Items falling into the Aid category offer various forms of healing or beneficial effects. Examples include food, chems, stimpaks, and other Consumables contributing to your character's well-being.


  • Within this category, you'll find a diverse array of items like keys, notes, Holotapes, and quest itemss, providing a catch-all for miscellaneous in-game items.


  • The Ammo category serves to display the types and quantities of ammunition your character carries for different Weapons, ensuring you stay informed about your available firepower.


  • In this category, you'll find any weapon or armor modifications your character possesses. Mods are enhancements that can be applied to specific Weapons and Armor pieces, augmenting their capabilities.


  • All miscellaneous items that can be disassembled into Crafting components at workbenches or used in settlement construction fall under the Junk category.


  • This category lists Holotapes discovered throughout the game, containing recordings, messages, or valuable information for your character's journey.


  • The Notes category encompasses written notes, documents, or letters collected during exploration, adding depth and lore to your in-game experience.


  • Special magazines, featured in this category, provide your character with temporary bonuses or unlock new abilities, adding an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay.


  • Books found in the game often include skill books or other literature that can offer substantial benefits to your character, contributing to their overall development and knowledge.


In Fallout 4, the Pip-Boy's DATA section holds details about your character's quests, objectives, and general data logs. When you access the Pip-Boy and go to the DATA section, you'll discover various sub-sections designed to assist you in organizing your quests and monitoring crucial information.


  • This section shows a list of all the ongoing Quests your character is currently engaged in. Each quest entry includes details about the objectives, current status, and any pertinent notes.


  • For those involved in settlement construction and management, this sub-section offers details about settlements, resources, and tasks related to building and maintaining settlements.

Pip-Boy FAQs in Fallout 4?

What's a Pip-Boy in Fallout 4?

The Pip-Boy is a wearable piece of technology resembling a sizable wristwatch equipped with a small screen and several navigation buttons. In the game, the player character comes across and acquires the Pip-Boy early in their journey, establishing it as a good companion throughout their adventures. Having the Pip-Boy can be a very good way to track your stats and to track quests in Fallout 4. This is also the Main Menu to which players can navigate.

Does the Pip-Boy have a radio in Fallout 4?

One of the unique and fun features of the Pip-Boy in Fallout 4 is the built in radio that it has. Feel free to choose from a variety of Radio stations that the pip boy offers. This will serve as entertainment for players in Fallout 4. Other than that, you can also use the radio to learn information about certain events happening in game.

Are there mini-games you can play in the Pip-boy?

Indeed, one of the more whimsical features of the Pip-Boy is the ability to play old-school mini-games. To engage in this amusing pastime, players need to locate a game holotape during their travels. These holotapes can often be found inside computer terminals, or players may be rewarded with one by discovering a Robco Fun magazine. Once obtained, players simply navigate to the miscellaneous file in their inventory to load the holotape into their Pip-Boy, unlocking the nostalgic joy of playing these mini-games within the Fallout universe.

Can I track my Quests and Progress using the Pip-Boy?

The Pip-Boy serves as a comprehensive display for essential information about the player's character, including health, radiation levels, and various stats. It functions as a central hub for monitoring quests and objectives, allowing players to review their active quests, access detailed quest information, and designate specific quests as active to receive guidance.

Can I access the Map through the Pip-Boy in Fallout 4?

Yes, the Pip-boy will show you the entire layout of the Fallout 4 world. This is where you can set waypoints and track yourself in the world of Fallout 4. Take advantage of this feature to help you navigate routes to destinations that you need to reach for quests and other events in Fallout 4.


Pip-Boy Activity Stats in Fallout 4

General Stats

  • Locations Discovered
  • Dungeons Cleared
  • Days Passed
  • Hours Slept
  • Hours Waiting
  • Caps Found
  • Most Caps Carried
  • Junk Collected
  • Chests Looted
  • Magazines Found
  • Food Eaten
  • Stimpaks Taken
  • Rad-X Taken
  • RadAway Taken
  • Chems Taken
  • Fusion Cores Used
  • Times Addicted
  • Mines Disarmed
  • Pants Exploded
  • Corpses Eaten
  • Persuasion Successes
  • Bobbleheads Collected
  • Sandman Kills
  • Paralyzing Punches
  • Robots Disabled
  • Mysterious Stranger Visits

Quest Stats

  • Quests Completed
  • Misc Objectives Completed
  • Main Quests Completed
  • Side Quests Completed
  • Brotherhood of Steel Quests Completed
  • Institute Quests Completed
  • Minutemen Quests Completed
  • Railroad Quests Completed

Combat Stats

  • People Killed
  • Animals Killed
  • Creatures Killed
  • Robots Killed
  • Synths Killed
  • Turrets Killed
  • Critical Strikes
  • Sneak Attacks
  • Backstabs
  • Weapons Disarmed
  • Holdups


Combat Stats

  • Weapons Improved
  • Armor Improved
  • Plants Harvested
  • Chems Crafted
  • Food Cooked
  • Workshops Unlocked
  • Items Scrapped
  • Objects Built

Crime Stats

  • Locks Picked
  • Computers Hacked
  • Pockets Picked
  • Items Stolen
  • Assaults
  • Murders
  • Trespasses



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