Semper Invicta

Quest Giver
Paladin Danse
Brotherhood of Steel Quest
Cambridge Police Station
Previous Quest
Call to Arms
Next Quest
Shadow of Steel
Semper Invicta is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Semper Invicta Information


  1. Return to Cambridge Police Station
  2. Speak with Paladin Danse
  3. Support the Brotherhood Recon Team



  • N/A


Rad Resist.png After agreeing to join the Brotherhood Of Steel, Paladin Danse will ask you to return to the Cambridge Police Station for your induction. If you are not in Act 2 of the Main Quests you will be inducted as an Initiate. If Act 2 is in progress you will be inducted as a Knight and the Brotherhood quest Shadow of Steel will commence.

Rad Resist.png After your induction, speak to Scribe Haylen or Knight Rhys for your assignments. The radiant quest Quartermastery is available through Haylen, and the radiant Cleansing the Commonwealth is available through Rhys. Completing either unlocks the misc. quest The Lost Patrol through Danse.

Notes & Notable Loot

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