The Big Dig

Quest Giver
Bobbi No-Nose
Side Quest
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The Big Dig is a Quest in Fallout 4.

The Big Dig Information


  1. Talk to Bobbi
  2. Meet Bobbi inside
  3. Join the dig
  4. Exterminate the Mirelurks
  5. Meet Bobbi in Diamond City
  6. Get Mel out of jail
  7. Recruit Mel
  8. Meet the gang in the Dig
  9. Dig into the strong room
  10. Dig through the subway area
  11. Dig through the basement area
  12. Meet with the gang in the strong room basement
  13. Get out of the basement
  14. Enter the strong rooom
  15. Kill Farenheit and her men
  16. Or kill Bobbi
  17. Open the train car and get paid
  18. Or talk to Farenheit




Rad Resist.png In Goodneighbor behind two locked up warehouses is an alley that leads to a metal door. This is the residence of Bobbi No-Nose. Speak to her and she will ask you to help with digging some tunnels. You can haggle here for some extra caps if you'd like.

Rad Resist.png Head to the basement and get rid of the Mirelurk problem, earning you a promotion. At this point travel to Diamond City where you will meet back up with Bobbi. She will be in Diamond City Market. Speak with her where she will explain what the job is really all about and asks you to recruit an individual named Mel who's jailed by the security of the city.

Rad Resist.png Enter the office where Mel is being held. You have a few options on how to proceed here:
  • You may hack the expert terminal to activate the Protectron and free Mel while it engages the guards.
  • You may bribe one of the guards for 300 Bottlecaps.
  • You may sneakily pickpocket a key from the guard or from the desk in the office, and then unlock the cell where Mel is being held.
  • You may attempt to threaten or persuade the guard to let Mel free.

Rad Resist.png Once Mel is in tow, return to Goodneighbor and speak with Sonya. You will then move through the tunnels, clearing out the areas for fragile sections, digging through and eliminating Mirelurk enemies here. Continue until you reach the subway tracks where you will encounter some Feral Ghoul. Keep finding fragile walls and proceed to the strong room. If you get lost at some point you may find your way out by following the glowing red lights.

Rad Resist.png Locate the metal exit door into the strong room and go into NH&M Freight Depot. You will encounter Farenheit where you will discover some more truths about the operation. You can either side with Bobbi and clear the room of opposition and reeive 200 caps as your loot or you may side with Farenheit and eliminate any opposition, and receive from Farenheit the Ashmaker. It is possible to use a Charisma check here to persuade Bobbi to walk away peacefully. Whatever you choose affects your alliance with Goodneighbor so choose carefully.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Not sure why NOBODY on any wiki mentions this, but there is a power armor suit (Mine came with 4 pieces of X-01) behind the "wrong" blast hole in the first room. You have to kill a couple glowing mirelurks for it but I'd say it's well worth it

      • Anonymous

        You will also get the Ashmaker if you talk to Farenheit after you've chosen the pursuade Bobbi to walk away peacefully option!

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