Duty or Dishonor

Quest Giver
Lancer-Captain Kells
Brotherhood of Steel Misc. Quest
Bottlecaps, Exemplar's T-60c Torso
Boston Airport
Previous Quest
Show No Mercy, The Lost Patrol
Next Quest
Duty or Dishonor is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Duty or Dishonor Information


  1. Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells
  2. Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
  3. Question Knight Lucia
  4. Question Initiate Clarke
  5. Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
  6. Search for evidence
  7. Read Knight Lucia's Log
  8. Confront Knight Lucia
  9. Shadow Initiate Clarke
  10. Find Initiate Clarke
  11. (Optional) Exterminate the Ghouls
  12. Confront Initiate Clarke
  13. Kill Initiate Clarke
  14. Report to Captain Kells




Rad Resist.png NOTE: This quest is available after completing the Brotherhood of Steel Quest Show No Mercy and the Brotherhood misc. quest The Lost Patrol. Captain Kells asks you to look into some missing items at the Boston Airport. Travel there and speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil about Lucia and Clarke.

Rad Resist.png Speak to both Lucia and Clarke about what they've been up to lately around the place. Speak to Gavil and he will ask you to come up with some evidence to prove who is responsible. Travel to The Prydwen and investigate Lucia and Clarke's quarters.

Rad Resist.png The footlockers for both individuals have novice locks on them. You can opt here to:

Rad Resist.png Travel back to the airport and speak to Lucia who will tell you more about what's going on. Start tracking your target Clarke from a safe distance as to not alert him. If spotted, back away. Follow him into the Boston Airport Ruins.

Rad Resist.png Press on through the ruins, minding the Feral Ghoul population down here. Go down a dead end and find the body of Knight Rylan, and take his Holotag which will unlock some additional dialouge options later. Continue on through the ruins.

Rad Resist.png Once you've caught up to your mark you may either:
  • Kill him right away.
  • Provoke him, initiating violence
  • Persuade to allow you to kill the ghouls.
  • Convince him to turn himself in to the Brotherhood.
  • Convince him to go into exile.
  • Promise to cover up what you've found.

Rad Resist.png If you kill or pickpocket him you can obtain Airport Employee ID Card and holotags. Return to Kells on the Prydwen. Your options will vary depending on what you've chosen to this point. You can:
  • Lie about the stealing, and if the suspect is alive they continue working at the airport.
  • Tell the truth. If alive, the suspect will be put in holding at Cambridge Police Station. During The Railroad Quest Precipice of War you may free them if you're now on the Railroad side. Kells will reward you with caps, but if you manage to convince Clarke to turn himself in he'll reward you with Exemplar's T60c Torso.

Notes & Notable Loot

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