FAQs for Fallout 4.


Q. How can I throw grenades?
A. Press and hold "Execute melee attack" button for 3-4 seconds till you here a click sound. The moment you release the button, the grenade will be thrown. Remember that you have to select the grenade in Pip-Boy in order to throw it.

Q. Where can I find more Fusion Cores?
A. Fusion Cores were used in generators, so your best bet would be abandoned factories and such. Also, the Scrounger perk makes Fusion Cores a possible loot in ammo crates and etc. I found 7 Fusion Cores in an ammo crate. Also, the Power Armor users tend to carry one, just be careful not to damage the FC during combat.

Q. Where can I find Crystals?
A. Crystals are usually salvaged from items with magnifying ability such as Camera, Magnifying Glass etc.

Q. Do companions drain the Fusion Cores while in Power Armor?
A. No. But any part of the Power Armor may be damaged. If the health of a part reaches zero, the part will be unequipped. It will be moved to your Companion's inventory.

Q. Can characters be romanced in Fallout 4?
A. Of course they can be! You may want to check out the Romance Guide. It's still in W.I.P. state though. For detailed information on how to raise their affinity towards you in order to romance them, check this out.

Q. Does this game contain any umm... sexual content?
A. No. This game doesn't contain any sexual content. However it contains partial nudity.

Q. Energy Weapons or Guns?
A. Unlike Fallout New Vegas, the efficiency of Energy Weapons and guns aren't divided in Fallout 4. Perks like Rifleman, Commando, and Gunslinger affects both Energy weaponry and guns. So, if you like using Hunting Rifle and want to also use a semi-automatic Laser Rifle while having the third grade of Rifleman perk, you don't have to worry about anything (Well, besides ammunition). However, modifying Energy weaponry requires high grades of Science perk and basic levels of Gun Nut while guns only require the Gun Nut perk. There are also some weapons that require high grades of both perks for modifying.

Q. (PC) When I try to pick a lock, the screen shows nothing but I can hear the break sound of bobby pins. What do I do?
A. It happens when you're not using one of the pre-defined screen resolutions. Try changing the game resolution to 1280x720, 1920x1080, etc.

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