Settlements are locations the player can create and customize. By gathering items throughout the world , players will be able to customize the size and appearance of the settlements, create trade routes between multiple settlements, set up defense grids, attract new settlers and more. Editing of the settlements will be via a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor which aims to make the customization a visually straightforward action.

Settlement Information

  • Once you control a Workshop , you control the settlement that holds it, you can view your current settlements in your Pip-Boy.
  • Settlements can not be destroyed, all structures placed are persistent. In the event of catastrophe, all the dwellers die and you must repopulate the settlement.
  • When your settlement is under attack you will receive a notification. Returning to successfully defend it will prevent the loss of your settlers.
  • All of the resources such as food, water, power are managed by your player.
  • Settlements are not mandatory for players to create, but they offer a high value in rewards.
  • You can have Workshops in your settlements.
  • Consult the Settlements Guide for a look at the developmental concepts and considerations of settlement building.

Settlements List



Caravan Trader

Abernathy Farm
Complete Returning the Favor

Boston Airport
Complete Shadow of Steel

Bunker Hill
Complete The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Castle
Clear the area of Enemies

Coastal Cottage
Clear the area of Enemies

County Crossing
Complete offered radiant Quest
Doc Weathers
Complete Human Error or eliminate residents
Lucas Miller
Croup Manor
Clear the area of Enemies

Egret Tours Marina
Ally with or defeat Phyllis Daily

Finch Farm
Complete Out of the Fire
Doc Weathers
Complete Troubled Waters

Greentop Nursery
Complete offered radiant Quest
Lucas Miller
Hangman's Alley
Clear the area of Enemies

Home Plate (Diamond City)
Purchase housing permit from Geneva for 2000 caps

Jamaica Plain
Clear the area of Enemies

Kingsport Lighthouse
Clear the area of Enemies

Murkwater Construction Site
Clear the area of Enemies

Nordhagen Beach
Complete offered radiant Quest

Oberland Station
Complete offered radiant Quest
Trashcan Carla
Outpost Zimonja
Clear the area of Enemies

Red Rocket Truck Stop
Available by Default

Available by Default
Trashcan Carla
The Slog
Complete offered radiant Quest
Doc Weathers
Somerville Place
Complete offered radiant Quest
Trashcan Carla
Spectacle Island
Clear the area of Enemies

Starlight Drive-In
Clear the area of Enemies

Sunshine Tidings Co-Op
Clear the area of Enemies

Taffington Boathouse
Clear the area of Enemies

Tenpines Bluff
Complete offered radiant Quest
Lucas Miller
Warwick Homestead
Complete offered radiant Quest

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Workshops are the foundation for Crafting in Fallout 4. Once you control a workshop, you gain control of the settlement it is located in. They allow you to transfer items, or to create Structures, Furniture, Decorations, Power, Defense, Resources, Stores and Crafting. These will be explained on this page.

Unlocking a Workshop: Typically a workshop in a settlement is inactive for you to use until you have secured the right to use it, either through force by eliminating all the residents or creatures, by earning the right through peaceful alliance, or through quests. Allied settlements (those that were already populated before your arrival) may revoke your workshop access if your in game actions have displeased them.

Workshop Information


Structures are the basic building blocks of your Settlements. They allow the player to creating housing, shelter, fences etc. There are 5 categories: Wood, Metal, Doors, Fences and Miscellaneous.


Furniture is your basic indoor amenities for your Structures. There are 6 categories: Beds, Chairs, Containers, Shelves, Tables and Miscellaneous.


Decorations are what you use to pretty up the place and make it look more aesthetic. There are 3 categories: Floor Coverings, Wall Decorations and Miscellaneous.


Power is what you use to add electricity to your Settlements. There are 4 categories: Generators, Connectors & Switches, Lights and Miscellaneous.


Defense is what you use to protect your Settlements. There are 3 categories: Guard Posts, Turrets and Traps.


Resources are what you create to keep your Settlements fed and healthy. There are 3 categories: Water, Food and Miscellaneous.


Stores are what you build to bring merchants and vendors to your Settlements. There are 6 categories: Trader, Armor, Weapons, Food and Drink, Clinic and Clothing.


Crafting is what you use to make better Weapons, Armor, Food and Aid. There are 6 categories: Armor Workbench, Chemistry Station, Cooking Station, Cooking Stove, Power Armor Station and Weapons Workbench.

Vault-Tec Workshop adds a new bunch of structures that allows players to build their own Vault.

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