Special Delivery

Quest Giver
Edward Deegan
Side Quest
Diamond City Market
Previous Quest
Next Quest
Emogene Takes a Lover
Special Delivery is a Quest in Fallout 4. It is one of The Secret of Cabot House family of Quests along with Emogene Takes a Lover.

Special Delivery Information


  1. Talk to Jack Cabot
  2. Talk to Edward Deegan
  3. Talk to guard captain
  4. Recover package
  5. Return serum to Cabot House




Rad Resist.png NOTE: Edward Deegan doesn't appear until you are level 10 AND have attacked the guards at Parsons State Asylum. Go to Diamond City Market and visit the Dugout Inn to speak to the Ghoul Edward Deegan. He has some work for you from Jack Cabot. Edward moves around, he may be at: Colonial Taphouse, Dugout Inn ( Diamond City Market), the Third Rail ( Goodneighbor), and the market in Bunker Hill. Or you can go directly to Cabot House, its just south of Bunker Hill and talk to the intercom. Pass 2 speech tests and you're in and can start special delivery

Rad Resist.png Travel to Cabot House in the wicked good Beacon Hill section of northeast Boston. Press the intercom and mention Jack's name to be let in. Speak with Jack and he will give you Cabot House Key so you can come and go freely. Jack asks you to find a missing package and says the guard at Parsons State Insane Asylum will know where to look. Travel north to find this Bostonian version of Arkham.

Rad Resist.png Speak to Maria at the main entrance and say that you were sent by Edward and she will tell you where there are some nearby Raiders. Go there and kill the marked Raider and loot their corpse to obtain the Mysterious Serum. Return to Cabot house and speak with Edward. You can either pretend to have nothing or give him the serum. If you give it to him he will reward you with caps.

Video Walkthrough

Special Delivery Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot


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