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Jewel of the Commonwealth is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Jewel of the Commonwealth Information


  1. Go to Diamond City
  2. Find information about Shaun
  3. Go to Valentine's Detective Agency



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Head Southeast from Sanctuary to get to Diamond City. It is a long journey to the city, so take the time to do some exploring of the wasteland for Items if you'd like. A suggested path would be to head through the middle of the map, past Back Street Apparel and carry on directly south. This should allow you to bypass some more of the difficult enemies in the area. After crossing the bridge, you will see signs directing you towards Diamond City.

At the entrance of the city, you meet Piper, a reporter. She tells you how to trick the guard into letting you inside.

At the entrance to the city, speak with Mayor McDonough and he will tell you what he thinks about Piper. You can then head into the Diamond City Market.

Speaking with several of the NPCs in the market will help you advance in your quest. The following will give you clues:

Once you make it to the Valentine Detective Agency, you find that Nick Valentine has gone missing. Speaking with Ellie Perkins, she will ask you to help find him.

Video Walkthrough

Jewel Of The Commonwealth Walkthrough
Jewel Of The Commonwealth

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