A Loose End

Quest Giver
Lancer-Captain Kells
Brotherhood of Steel Misc. Quest
The Prydwen
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A Loose End is a Quest in Fallout 4.

A Loose End Information


  1. Speak to Captain Kells
  2. Kill Virgil
  3. Report to Captain Kells




Rad Resist.png NOTE: This quest is available during the Brotherhood of Steel Quest Liberty Reprimed and you must have completed the Brotherhood misc quest Duty or Dishonor. Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells on The Prydwen who will ask you to eliminate Virgil whom you met in the main quest The Glowing Sea. Complete the Curing Virgil optional quest found in the The Glowing Sea for more options in this quest. If you've already killed him you can immediately report to Kells.

Rad Resist.png Travel to Rocky Cave in the irradiated Glowing Sea and see Virgil. You can:
  • Kill him and his Protectron and turrets
  • Talk to him, and agree to let him live and lie to Kells.
  • Persuade him that the serum he needs is gone and that he would be better off dead, in which he allows you to kill him.
  • Kill him after obtaining his cure from The Institute (Location) in an easier fight.
  • Cure him and let him live and try a medium Charisma check to tell Kells that he is cured and no longer a threat.

Rad Resist.png Report to Kells and either tell him that Virgil is dead or lie and tell him you killed Virgil.

Notes & Notable Loot

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