Building a Better Crop

Quest Giver
Isaac Karlin
The Institute Misc. Quest
Stimpak 20x
The Institute (Location)
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Building a Better Crop is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Building a Better Crop Information


  1. Talk to Isaac Karlin
  2. Deliver the seeds to Roger Warwick
  3. Follow Roger Warwick
  4. Talk to Roger Warwick
  5. Discover Bill's plans
  6. Talk to Cedric Hopton
  7. Talk to Roger Warwick
  8. Talk to Isaac Karlin




Rad Resist.png NOTE: This becomes available after allying yourself with The Institute and completing the Main Quest Institutionalized. Speak to Isaac Karlin in BioScience at The Institute (Location and he will ask you to deliver some genetically altered seeds to Roger Warwick.

Rad Resist.png Travel to the Warwick Homestead on the southeast coast of the Commonwealth. Locate Roger and tell him the passphrase. Speak to him and then find either Wally, Janey or June and talk to them until they speak to you about Cedric Hopton.

Rad Resist.png Travel to The Third Rail and speak to Cedric. You may bribe him or succeed on a Charisma check. He will tell you that a settler named Bill Sutton has it out for him. Return to the homestead and enter the sleeping quarters where you will confront Bill. You may try and talk him down or attack and kill him.

Rad Resist.png Return to the Institute and speak to Karlin about what has happened and you will receive a reward of Stimpak 20x.

Notes & Notable Loot

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