Spoils of War

Quest Giver
Proctor Ingram
Brotherhood of Steel Quest
Mass Fusion Building
Previous Quest
Tactical Thinking
Next Quest
Ad Victoriam
Spoils of War is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Spoils of War Information


  1. Speak to Proctor Ingram
  2. Fly to Mass Fusion or Inform the Institute
  3. Jump to Mass Fusion Building's roof
  4. Locate the Beryllium Agitator
  5. Retrieve the executive key card
  6. Proceed to the Reactor Level
  7. (Optional) Restore power to the elevator
  8. Enter the reactor chamber
  9. Unlock the reactor
  10. Take the Beryllium Agitator
  11. Eliminate Reactor Level security
  12. Exit Mass Fusion Building
  13. (Optional) Assist Brotherhood forces in the lobby
  14. Return to Boston Airport
  15. Speak to Proctor Ingram




Rad Resist.png Speak to Proctor Ingram and agree to help her find a Beryllium Agitator from the Mass Fusion Building ruins. You can opt to have her come with you if you'd like. You are now faced with an important choice:

Rad Resist.png If you stay allied with the Brotherhood of Steel, you drop to the roof of Mass Fusion Building. Eliminate all the enemies here and go to the second level. In a desk on the balcony, retrieve the Mass Fusion Executive Lab Password and the Mass Fusion Executive ID. Accesss the research lab terminal with the password, and after reading the memos, head to the basement to obtain the agitator. If you hack the manager's terminal, you can power up the elevator and head down, or you must go to the circuit breaker.

Rad Resist.png Use the ID at the elevator and take it down as far as it goes. When you have cleared the area of enemies you either of the following:
  • (Optional) Access the circuit breaker above and flip the breaker to power the elevator. You may then take it down to the lobby.
  • Go to the room ahead, and find the Mass Fusion Labs Key. Use it to access the next room and drop down the hole in the floor to get to the lobby. Clear the enemies in the lobby here.

Rad Resist.png Once in the lobby, locate the service elevator and use the ID card to gain access. Step into the decontamination area, decontaminate and go into the reactor chamber. Activate the interlock release as well as the agitator receptacle. Taking the Beryllium Agitator will trigger the auto defenses. Go to the outer room, get past the Sentry Bot and Protectron and then use your ID card on the main door and dispatch the difficult Assaultron. Go up the stairs, past another Protectron and laser turret.

Rad Resist.png Exit to the lobby and assist your Brotherhood allies in dispatching the remaining enemies and then report to Proctor Ingram at Boston Airport.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      I think there is something wrong with the game i have been stuck for more than 8 hours i have killed every thing and loted every thing

      • Anonymous

        During this mission, when I was supposed to land on the roof of the mass fusion building, I ended up falling from the vertibird to the ground and now I can't get back to the top of the building. I have a jetpack but it stops me in mid air because of flight height limits. Any ideas?

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