The Disappearing Act

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200 Bottlecaps
Diamond City
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The Disappearing Act is a Quest in Fallout 4. It is one of the Detective Case Files you can acquire at the Valentine Detective Agency in Diamond City by speaking with Ellie.

The Disappearing Act Information


  1. Search Earl Sterling's house for clues.
  2. (Optional) Obtain the key to Earl Sterling's house
  3. Search the Mega Surgery Center for clues
  4. Investigate the surgery cellar
  5. (Optional) Obtain the key to surgery cellar
  6. Talk to Ellie



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Rad Resist.png After reading the case file given to by Ellie in Detective Case Files you are going to investigate the disappearance of Earl Sterling who is a barternder at the Dugout Inn in Diamond City. Go to Earl's home by picking the novice lock to his door, or by getting Earl Sterling's House Key from Vadim Bobrov.

Rad Resist.png Enter the Sterling residence and search under the sofa to find Folder and Receipt. They will lead you to surgeon Doctor Sun. Speak with him about Earl. Inpsect the marks on the ground before the surgery cellar and speak to Doctor Sun about them. You can then either pick the advanced lock to get into the Mega Surgery cellar or bribe Sun with 100 caps. After investigating the cellar and discovering the truth you can either attempt to arrest him peacefully or kill him right there. Return to Ellie for your reward.

Video Walkthrough

The Disappearing Act Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot

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