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Hunter/Hunted is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Hunter/Hunted Information


  1. Travel to C.I.T. Ruins
  2. Tune to Courser's radio frequency
  3. Use the Courser's radio frequency to track Courser
  4. Kill the Courser
  5. Recover Courser Chip




Rad Resist.png After speaking with Virgil in the Glowing Sea, he recommends you infiltrate The Institute which is a tall order. The only way to access The Institute is via teleportation so that's your only option. To hack into their teleportation network you will need the correct access codes. Killing a Courser and decoding the special chip in its brain is the only way to find these codes. Coursers are dangerous synths, used primarily for kidnapping, wet work and retrieving runaway synths. They are not to be taken lightly.

Rad Resist.png Travel to the C.I.T. Ruins, which will be marked on your map. If you're going to go on foot, it's directly north east of Virgil's cave but it's simpler to fast travel to a nearby location. When you reach the front of the C.I.T. Ruins your Pip Boy will find a courser signal. Open it, head to the Radio tab and select the signal. You'll then hear a sonar blip and you'll regularly get signal strength updates as you move about. The closer you get to the Courser's location, the stronger the ping will be. The ping will lead you to the Greentech Genetics building. As soon as you enter the building you can open your Pip Boy and turn off the signal. The courser is in this building, you don't need to keep tracking him.

Rad Resist.png The building is full of Gunners who are also on the trail of the Courser. You can speak to them, however more than likely you'll end up fighting them. Work your way up the ruined building, taking your time to deal with any gunners in your way. They can pack a punch and several carry rocket launchers so be careful.

Rad Resist.png When you reach the top of the building you will meet Courser Z2-47. This encounter can be ended either by giving him his factory reset code, instantly killing him, or fighting normally. This code is obtained by giving Mama Murphy drugs until she has a vision about the character encountering the Courser. After killing him, loot the Courser Chip from his vanquished form. Z2-47 was in this building chasing down the synth girl who has locked herself in a room. She'll plead with you for her life. To let her out, go to the toolbox underneath the stairs and retrieve the door password (or hack the terminal if your hacking skill is high enough), then talk to her.

Rad Resist.png Once you're finished, take the lift down and exit the building to end the quest.

Video Walkthroughs

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Notes & Notable Loot

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