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Institutionalized is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Institutionalized Information


  1. Enter the elevator
  2. Meet the division leaders



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Rad Resist.png After succussfully using the interceptor to teleport you arrive at the Institute. A voice will direct you on where to go, and you will meet Father who is in charge of the Institute. Speak with him and join the Institute. You may retract this agreement later; in the meantime continue the ruse and explore the location.

Rad Resist.png Go to Institute Bioscience and speak with Doctor Clayton Holdren, then locate Chief Engineer Allie Filmore in the main concourse. If you access Institute SRB and speak with the acting director Justin Ayo you will find he does not trust you. Speaking with Doctor Madison Li, will gain you a relay installed into your Pip-Boy which will allow you to fast travel to this location.

Rad Resist.png Once this quest is complete you may now continue your chosen faction quests. The Minutemen holotape may be inserted in a terminal near the teleportation arrival spot. If you are having trouble retracing your steps, simply locate the DNA themed elevator in the center of the facility go to its lowest ground level point. Activate the call button to call the elevator, and then ride it back up to the top. The terminal will be at the end in the room where you teleported in.

Rad Resist.png Once you have chosen a faction to support, you will begin the Act 3 quests.

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Institutionalized Walkthrough

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    • Anonymous

      I am working with the Brotherhood and dealt with the FEV stuff for Virgil before anything else. I talked through everything with Doctor Li but now I'm stuck with her questmarker over her for Institutionalized.

      • Anonymous

        Dude. It's Bethesda. It's the same game engine as all past games. Why are you not making hard saves every time big stuff goes down? Stop quicksaving 24/7 and use some common sense before getting yourself into situations like that.

        • Anonymous

          Holy crap, this quest. I start it, I'm in the Institute, everything's fine. I go up both elevators (though I've heard they don't work sometimes) and I get to the room with Shaun. I spend a long time before I find that I've got to get out of my power armor and get as close as I can to the glass to talk to him. Then, once Father comes in, I get back in my power armor and talk to him. Holy. *****. The animations for my character look ridiculous all of a sudden. The power armor's glitched as hell, and it the character's moving like he would if he wasn't in it. It's hilarious. I talk with Father and say the synth boy's an abomination, but also say that I'll join the Institute. Father says "ok fine don't join" and I get the quest update to leave. I talk to Father again and say I'll join, he's like "sure". The quest update telling me to leave is gone, for a second I get a quest update to talk to the leaders of each department, complete with the map markers, and then it's gone. All it ways is "get in the elevator" which is marked as done. Talking to Father does nothing. I've found and talked to the leaders, who act as though I've joined, I've even gotten the ability to fast travel in and out. But I can't advance the main quest anymore. I've read about other people having different problems with this quest and it just makes me wonder why this particular quest is so buggy, when the only problems I've had before were minor, dead bodies falling through the floor and such. Did Bethesda just not playtest this part of the game? Does it get worse in later quests? I guess I'll have to find out in another 50 hours since all my saves are from after this ***** and I'm not on PC so I can't use the console commands to get out of this mess.

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