Airship Down

The Institute Quest
Boston Airport
Doctor Li
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Airship Down is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Airship Down Information


  1. Speak to Doctor Li
  2. Speak to Doctor Watson
  3. Use the relay to reach the airport
  4. Infiltrate the terminal
  5. Destroy Brotherhood Generators
  6. Reach Liberty Prime
  7. (Optional) Place teleport beacons
  8. Defend the Synth hacking Liberty Prime
  9. Evacuate the airport




Rad Resist.png Your next step in your Institute allegiance display is to cripple the Brotherhood of Steel. Speak to Doctor Li or Evan Watson in Institue Advanced Systems, telling them "it's time." Doctor Rosalind Orman will then explain to you the next step and gives you 3 Institue Beacons that you can use to summon synths to your aid if needed.

Rad Resist.png Head over to Boston Airport and infiltrate the terminal via a hole in the wall. You can stealth through this to make it as smooth as possible. Consult the map to locate the 3 generators you are to destroy, you will meet resistance from defensive structures. The generators are located as follows:
  1. Far side of Vertibird landing pad
  2. Atop the control tower, guarded by a Protectron and turrets
  3. At the end of a walkway leading to Liberty Prime.

Rad Resist.png Once the generators are disabled, a synth will reach the top of Liberty Prime and begin to reprogram it. Defend this synth while it performs its task. Once the reprogram is complete, leave the immediate area to the north.

Video Walkthrough

Airship Down

Notes & Notable Loot

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