Old Guns

Quest Giver
Ronnie Shaw
The Minutemen Quest
The Castle
Previous Quest
Taking Independence
Next Quest
Inside Job
Old Guns is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Old Guns Information


  1. Return to the Castle
  2. Speak to Ronnie Shaw at the Castle
  3. Gain access to the Castle's armory
  4. Talk to Ronnie Shaw
  5. Build and assign artillery at the Castle
  6. Talk to Ronnie Shaw
  7. Follow Ronnie Shaw
  8. Head to the target area
  9. (Optional) Keep your radio on and tuned to Radio Freedom
  10. Throw a smoke flare into the target area
  11. Speak to Preston Garvey




Rad Resist.png NOTE This quest is not available until 3 Commonwealth days have passed after completing Taking Independence. After completing a successful Minutemen recruitment Quest, Preston Garvey will refer you to Ronnie Shaw at The Castle.

Rad Resist.png Upon speaking to Ronnie, she will inform you on the location of a Minutemen armory in the Castle, which is inaccessible due to rubble and debris. You can use a Workshop to turn the rubble into scrap. Access the workshop and then find the location Ronnie is standing and scrap the rubble next to her. Ronnie will accompany you into the tunnels of the Castle where you must defeat a sentry bot named Sarge. Ronnie will then open the door, where you will meet the previous leader of the Minutemen. Press the button to open the door to the courtyard.

Rad Resist.png Once inside the armory grab whatever you can, including the Artillery Schematic and Artillery Smoke Grenade.

Rad Resist.png Now you can build an Artillery Piece with what you've gathered and place it within the Castle for defense. You have access to building this defensive unit in any of your settlements and their range spans the entire Commonwealth if you have them in all of your settlements which is a deadly ally in your adventures.

Constructing an Artillery Piece

  • Person 1x

Rad Resist.png Using the Workshop, assign any dweller to the artillery by highlighting them and selecting Command, and then highlighting the Artillery Piece and selecting Assign. Ronnie will then ask to test it. Go to the snack shop and throw one of the smoke grenades, and the Artillery will test fire. Return to Preston to complete the quest.

Video Walkthrough

Old Guns Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Help plsss!!! I already built and assigned settlers to the artilleries and still i can't finish that mission! ***** its so frustrating! i built like 5 of them and still can''t get a check to that part

      • Anonymous

        When you finally get into the armory, there are shelves with mines and frag grenades. On the top in the back corner of the shelf with grenades, there is a Nuka Grenade

        • Anonymous

          So, while I was doing this quest, as I was going through the lower bastion tunnels with Ronnie, I stepped on a frag mine and it went off on Ronnie, knocking her out. Her "unconscious" state seems to be sitting on her butt. Well, she never got up! She regenerated her health and would talk to me, but wouldn't get up. This is a problem as you need her to open the door after fighting Sarge. I tested a few things and found a way NOT to fix it. I exited the area and re-entered a few times, which made her closer to the door that she needs to open, but still on her butt. DO NOT DO THIS. Eventually, she'll warp behind the door and stay there, completely inaccessible. What you need to do is get her health all the way back down again, preferably in one hit because if you hit her too many times, she and all the Minutemen will become hostile. I personally surrounded her with 4 frag mines, stepped back, and shot the mines. It did the trick, her health went down, she sat there for a moment, then got back up and resumed as usual! This seems to be a glitch with the animations and doing this resets her animation. Hope this helps!

          • Anonymous

            on the mission old guns it says i need to build power generators i am upto power 43 but it says it not enough how much do i need

            • Anonymous

              Upon exiting the basement with Ronnie, I was suddenly forced into workshop mode. Pressing [esc] exited only momentarily before it auto-opened again. I found that the only way to free myself from workshop mode was to walk outside the build perimeter before pressing [esc]. However, pressing [v] at any time while in the base would instantly engage workshop mode again, recreating the problem.

              • Anonymous

                Well, i cleared that rubbish pile that was blocking the door for the basement but then Ronnie says "It's pretty dark down here, better watch your steps" and she doesn't come with me. If i go in the basement and clear sarge then i get stuck with the door and when i talk to ronnie again she is just upstairs and doesn't help me... pls help ^^

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