Tactical Thinking

Quest Giver
Lancer-Captain Kells
Brotherhood of Steel Quest
Old North Church
Previous Quest
Blind Betrayal
Next Quest
Spoils of War
Tactical Thinking is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Tactical Thinking Information


  1. Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells
  2. Enter Old North Church
  3. Kill Doctor Carrington
  4. Breach the door to the lower levels
  5. Kill Glory
  6. Kill Tinker Tom
  7. Kill Deacon
  8. Kill Desdemona
  9. Reprogram PAM or Destroy PAM
  10. Report to Lancer-Captain Kells




Rad Resist.png NOTE: If you are allied with The Railroad accepting Lancer-Captain Kells' orders here will end your relationship with them. Complete any quests with them before proceeding. Kells will speak with you on The Prydwen, and head to the Old North Church in the North End Neighborhood to kill the Railroad's elite.

Rad Resist.png Enter the church and kill all the things. Head into the church crypt and further into the catacombs. Activate the detonator to blow a hole in the wall. Through the wall is the Railroad base. Enter and terminate everyone in cold blood. Or warm blood. Either way, make sure no one is left alive.

Rad Resist.png After the deed is done, locate the PAM terminal or PAM herself. Destroy PAM or use the terminal to reprogram her. Return to Kells and inform him of your mission success. He will have preferred her reprogrammed rather than destroyed, and if reprogrammed, she will be moved onto The Prydwen.

Notes & Notable Loot

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      Does anyone know the console command for completing this quest? My game glitched and I can't find the code anywhere.

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