Curtain Call

Quest Giver
Trinity Tower Radio
Side Quest
Reginald's Suit or Agatha's Dress, Strong as Companion
Trinity Tower
Previous Quest
Next Quest
Curtain Call is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Curtain Call Information


  1. Investigate radio broadcast
  2. Unlock cage
  3. Help Travis
  4. Get Rex to safety
  5. Talk to Rex Goodman




Rad Resist.png This quest is picked up via the Trinity Tower Radio signal. You can hear it when in the general vicinity of Trinity Tower, in the Diamond City Market or at the WRVR Broadcast Station. Rex Goodman is the creator of the message and he has put out a distress call for rescue from his Super Mutant captors.

Rad Resist.png Enter Trinity Tower and clear the area of the mutants and their Mutant Hound sidekicks. Take the elevator up the top of the building and continue up to the roof.

Rad Resist.png Find Rex in his cage prison, where he is being held along with the super mutant Strong. You can unlock their cage by picking the lock which is a master skill level, or by obtaining the Trinity Tower Cell Keyy in the trunk nearby.

Rad Resist.png Go back down via the window washer scaffold, taking the other two along with you for the ride. Once you make it down fight past the remaining enemies. Speak to Rex to conclude the quest. Strong will go back to working in the WRVR Broadcast Building and is now available to you as a Companion.

Notes & Notable Loot

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