Precipice of War

Quest Giver
The Railroad Quest
Old North Church
Previous Quest
Operation Ticonderoga
Next Quest
Rockets' Red Glare
Precipice of War is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Precipice of War Information


  1. Warn Desdemona
  2. Defend Railroad HQ
  3. Talk with Desdemona
  4. Secure the catacombs
  5. Talk with Desdemona
  6. Meet Tinker Tom at the police station
  7. Eliminate Brotherhood forces
  8. Talk with Tinker Tom
  9. Defend the Vertibird
  10. Talk with Deacon



  • Brotherhood of Steel


Rad Resist.png You will have to defend the Old North Church from assault in this quest. Prepare yourself for a large battle. You may attempt diplomacy here. The first wave of attacks will come through the escape tunnels. The next wave will come through the church entrance. Speak to Glory and go through the catacombs to the main hall, fighting through everyone you see.

Rad Resist.png After surviving the Brotherhood onslaught, bring the battle to their base at the Cambridge Police Station. Speak with Tinker Tom at the station. Take the battle to them, and ascend to the roof, clearing out every Brotherhood enemy. Speak to Tinker Tom as he takes command of the Vertibird. Knock out opposing air forces and wipe up the enemy that jumps from the Vertibird. Deacon will arrive with Glory if she survived the assault on Old North Church and bring an end to the combat, giving you a Plasma Gun, Pulse Grenade and Plasma Grenade.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      This game is so *****in buggy. Make sure Tinker Tom doesn't take any damage becaues he does not get up after falling down from damage. Had to load to a 3 hour old save.

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