Benign Intervention

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Benign Intervention is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Benign Intervention Information


  1. Misc: Eliminate the remaining Raiders
  2. Misc: Talk to Tommy Lonegan
  3. Bring Cait to Vault 95
  4. Locate the Clean Room
  5. Speak to Cait
  6. Wait for Cait to get into the Clean Room chair
  7. Cure Cait's addiction
  8. Speak to Cait




Rad Resist.png While exploring Boston, if you wander into the Combat Zone you will encounter a Raider position. If you advance in, killing raiders along the way you will make it into their arena. Speak with Tommy Lonegan in the arena and he will partner you with a woman named Cait. She is now available to you as a Companion. Consult with her Affinity for what she will find agreeable in this present, addicted state.

Rad Resist.png Speak with her until she admits her Psycho addiction. She tells you about Vault 95 where she can obtain an item to help her kick her nasty habit. Go to the Vault and eliminate the hostiles and Assaultron enemies.

Rad Resist.png Proceed through Vault 95 elminating all hostiles until arriving at the Clean Room. Talk to Cait and get her to sit in the chair and kick the addiction. When she sits, acccess the terminal and initiate the detox. Once clean, her Affinity outlook will change so you will have to make different choices from here on to raise her affinity.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Broken?28 Aug 2016 12:13  

      Hey, when cait sits in the chair, i go to the terminal to initiate the detox but it says there is no subject. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? I tried initiating in conversation, but I can only assume for her thoughts and our relationship

      • Anonymous

        Quest id?28 Aug 2016 12:13  

        Can anyone give the quest-id for this quest? It refused to start for me after I got the conversation with Cait.

        • Anonymous

          I DID IT28 Aug 2016 12:13  

          guys i know how to fix our problem, all you got to do is to speak with her while she is not your companion. it works on PC's but i'm not sure about PS4 and XboxOne

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