Out of Time

Main Quest
Vault 111
Previous Quest
War Never Changes
Next Quest
Jewel of the Commonwealth
Out of Time is an Quest in Fallout 4.

Out of Time Information


  1. Exit Vault 111
  2. Go home
  3. Talk to Codsworth
  4. Search the neighborhood with Codsworth
  5. Kill the insects
  6. Investigate Concord via The Red Rocket Truck Stop




Rad Resist.png Following a cutscene, you come to in the cryo pod in Vault 111. When you regain control, open the pod your wife/husband was in by interacting with the terminal then interacting with the pod itself. You'll take their wedding ring before declaring that you'll find Shaun. While the waypoint directs you to the quickest way to leave Vault 111, you'll need to investigate the vault further to go through the game's combat tutorial. Throughout the vault you'll find several clusters of Radroaches, the first time you'll be unarmed and you'll learn about melee combat, the second time you will have found a gun and the third time you are shown VATS. None of the groups are particularly difficult. Explore all desks and cupboards as there is a wealth of loot available in the area. Mostly you will find .9mm ammo, Stimpaks and RadAway.

Rad Resist.png The path through the vault will eventually lead you to the Overseer's office. Read his instructions and logs to find out about the true purpose for the denizens of Vault 111 and what went wrong which resulted in all the skeletons that you're finding. There will be an option to open the escape corridor, make sure you activate that as it will allow you to leave the vault. Following the path from the Overseer's office and past the VATS tutorial you'll find yourself at the vault entrance. Go to the platform at the right of the room (as you come in) and there will be a skeleton which has a Pip-Boy around its wrist. Take the Pip-Boy, then interact with the control panel to activate the entrance and allow you to escape.

Rad Resist.png Upon exiting the Vault, head east to discover Sanctuary. You will meet Codsworth outside of your old home who will advise you on just how long you've been in suspended animation. Talking with him will also reveal tips about the world, the kind of enemies you can expect to meet in the area and he'll offer to help you search for Shaun. Accept his offer and follow him as he searches house to house. In the last house you'll find a group of Blowflies which you can choose to engage, or just hang back and let Codsworth deal with. Codsworth will conclude that Shaun and Nora are really gone and that you should search for them. He'll recommend you investigate Concord and offer you directions.

Rad Resist.png Follow the waypoint marker towards Concord and you'll happen upon Red Rocket Truck Stop, where you'll meet Dogmeat for the first time. Greet him and he'll come with you. Several Mole Rats will ambush you, but between you and Dogmeat they shouldn't prove to be too much of an issue. If you want to investigate the truck stop, you'll find all of the various crafting tables needed for the game and you can read through tutorials of them all. There are supplies within the Truck stop so make sure you search every nook and cranny.

Rad Resist.png Once you're done with the Truck stop, follow the waypoint marker into Concord. You'll happen upon a pitched battle between Raiders and Preston Garvey outside of the Museum Of Freedom. Be careful not to let the Raiders flank you as you'll still be quite vulnerable at this point. Try to kill them quickly with headshots in VATS. Once the fight is done, Preston will instruct you to pick up the Laser Musket, which then triggers the When Freedom Calls quest.

Video Walkthrough

Quest - Out of Time + Finding Companion Dogmeat
Out of Time Walkthrough

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