A House Divided

Quest Giver
Newton Oberly
The Institute Misc. Quest
Mentats 5x, Jet 5x, RadAway 5x
The Institute (Location)
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A House Divided is a Quest in Fallout 4.

A House Divided Information


  1. Talk to Newton Oberly
  2. Follow Newton Oberly
  3. Go to the BioScience Observation Room
  4. Talk to Lawrence Higgs
  5. Resolve the standoff in Hydroponics
  6. Talk to Newton Oberly



  • N/A


Rad Resist.png NOTE: This becomes available after allying yourself with The Institute and completing The Institute Essential Quest Mankind Redefined. Speak to Dr. Oberly in BioScience. He will give you a holotape and you can proceed through the door he has opened.

Rad Resist.png Fight through the Synth and turret network to the observation room. Speak to Lawrence Higgs through the glass. You may either speak to him without reaching an accord or attempt a series of Charisma checks to tell him to give you a chance and then convince them to put an end to this.

Rad Resist.png You have several options in ending the standoff:
  • Access the terminal in the observation chamber and insert the holotape into it. Turn off the turrets. You can also from this terminal release the gorilla synths insided the lab and take out the holdouts. Open the door to the lab, and use the BioScience terminal to unlock the other door and end the confrontation.
  • Open the door into the lab, get past the synths and then speak to Higgs and Loken. Loken will come around and open door to end things.
  • Go to another terminal in FEV lab and perform the same actions.

Rad Resist.png Speak to Dr. Oberly. He'll be unhappy if it came to bloodshed. If they are alive, he'll ask what you think their punishment should be. You can choose whatever you'd like. He will reward you with Mentats 5x, Jet 5x, and RadAway 5x.

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A House Divided

Notes & Notable Loot

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