Cooking Stove

Cooking Stove is an Workbench in Fallout 4. Rank 2 of the Local Leader Perk is required to craft Cooking Stove at a Settlement.

Cooking Stove

Cooking Stoves are used to create Food which heals the player, like Stimpaks do.

Materials Needed

Consumables Can be Crafted

Dirty Wastelander
Mutfurit X1
Nuka Cola X1
Whiskey X2
INT -2
STR +3
CHR +1
Purified Water
Diry Water X3
HP +40
Baked Bloatfly
Bloatfly Meat X2
HP +40
Rad Res +20
Bloodbug Steak
Bloodbug Meat X1
HP +105
Max Hp +15
Cooked Softshell Meat
Softshell Mirelurk Meat X2
HP +85
Max AP +15
Crispy Squirrel Bits
Squirrel Bits X1
HP +35
Deathclaw Egg Omelette
Blood Pack X1
Deathclaw Egg X1
HP +115
Deathclaw Steak
Deathclaw Meat X1
HP +185
AGI +1
Grilled Radroach
Radroach Meat X3
HP +30
Grilled Radstag
Radstag Meat X1
HP +120
+25 Carry Weight
Iguana On A Stick
Iguana Bits X1
Wood X1
HP +40
Mirelurk Cake
Mirelurk Egg X1
Mirelurk Meat X1
Oil X1
Razorgrain X1
HP +140
Can breathe underwater
Mirelurk Egg Omelette
Dirty Water X1
Mirelurk Egg X1
HP +45
AP +50
Mirelurk Queen Steak
Queen Mirelurk Meat X1
HP +200
End +2
Mole Rat Chunks
Mole Rat Meat X2
HP +50
Max AP +5
Mutant Hound Chops
Mutant Hound Meat X1
HP +60
Rads -50
Mutt Chops
Mongrel Dog Meat X1
HP +40
Radscorpion Egg Omelette
Purified Water X1
Radscorpion Egg X1
HP +75
Cure all addictions
Radscorpion Steak
Radscorpion Meat X1
HP +150
Energy Resist +25
Ribeye Steak
Brahmin Meat X1
HP +110
Roasted Mirelurk Meat
Mirelurk Meat X2
HP +70
Max AP +10
Squirrel On A Stick
Squirrel Bits X1
Wood X1
HP +45
Stingwing Filet
Stingwing Meat X1
HP +130
Per +1
Yao Guai Ribs
Yao Guai Meat X1
HP +165
DMG Resist +15
Yao Guai Roast
Carrot X1
Tato X1
Yao Guai Meat X1
HP +210
Melee Damage +10
Iguana Soup
Carrot X1
Dirty Water X1
Iguana Bits X3
HP +95
Noodle Cup
Dirty Water X1
Razorgrain X1
HP +40
Radstag Stew
Gourd X1
Radstag Meat X1
HP +150
Energy Resist +30
Squirrel Stew
Bloodleaf X1
Carrot X1
Dirty Water X1
Squirrel Bits X1
Tato X1
HP +105
+2 % XP gain for 2 hours

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