North End is a location in Fallout 4.

North End Information

North End is one of the Greater Boston Neighborhoods. It is located in the northeast section of the city of Boston.

North End Primary Locations

North End Secondary Locations

  • Rooftop Apartment (North End)
  • North End Graveyard
  • Railroad HQ Escape Tunnel Exit
  • Raider Courtyard (North End)
  • Hot Pizza Pie Shop
  • Crashed Vertibird (Military Barge)
  • Wharfside Cottage
  • Rooftop Lounger
  • Skytram (North End Elevated Freeway)
  • Mean Pastries
  • Pickman's Exit
  • Boxing Gym
  • Scaffold Stairs (North End)
  • Billboard Alley
  • Ruined Brick Apartment (North End)
  • Subway Station (North End)
  • Paul Revere's House

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