Cambridge is a location in Fallout 4.

Cambridge Information

Cambridge is one of the Greater Boston Neighborhoods

Cambridge Primary Locations

Cambridge Secondary Locations

  • Bridge Den]] (Cambridge)
  • Charles River Boathouse
  • Red Rocket Filling Station (College Square)
  • Union's Hope Cathedral
  • Hardware Store (Cambridge)
  • Plumber's Secret
  • Raider Bonfire Camp
  • Red Rocket Filling Station (North Central Cambridge)
  • Raider Camp (Narrow Yard)
  • Cambridge Park and Old Covered Alley
  • Mass Chemical
  • Super Mutant High Rise
  • Raider Platforms (Cambridge)
  • Raider Rooftop Apartments (Cambridge)
  • Campus Office and Covered Bridge
  • Kendall Parking
  • Kendall Raider Apartments
  • Ticonderoga Safehouse
  • Public Works Maintenance Area
  • Science Center Gift Shop

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