Greater Boston Neighborhoods is a zone in Fallout 4.

Greater Boston Neighborhoods Information

"The central area of the map, it encompasses what is left of the city of Boston."


Cambridge Primary Locations

Cambridge Secondary Locations

  • Bridge Den]] (Cambridge)
  • Charles River Boathouse
  • Red Rocket Filling Station (College Square)
  • Union's Hope Cathedral
  • Hardware Store (Cambridge)
  • Plumber's Secret
  • Raider Bonfire Camp
  • Red Rocket Filling Station (North Central Cambridge)
  • Raider Camp (Narrow Yard)
  • Cambridge Park and Old Covered Alley
  • Mass Chemical
  • Super Mutant High Rise
  • Raider Platforms (Cambridge)
  • Raider Rooftop Apartments (Cambridge)
  • Campus Office and Covered Bridge
  • Kendall Parking
  • Kendall Raider Apartments
  • Ticonderoga Safehouse
  • Public Works Maintenance Area
  • Science Center Gift Shop

Charlestown Primary Locations

Charelstown Secondary Locations

  • Ruined Tavern (Charlestown)
  • Back Alley Scaffold Steps
  • Green Awning Mansion
  • Drug Den
  • South Alley and Garage
  • Abandoned House
  • Scavenger Camp (Charlestown)
  • Shelled-Out Building
  • Charlestown Laundry
  • South Apartments (Charlestown)

The Fens Primary Locations

The Fens Secondary Locations

  • Fens Subway Station (Outskirts)
  • Fens Tunnel Entrance
  • Super Mutant Alley Apartments
  • Anna's Café
  • Raider Back-Alley Camp (The Fens)
  • Bridgeway Trust
  • Bridgeway Garage
  • Diner and Apartments (The Fens)
  • Settler's Stop (The Fens)
  • Raider Cul-de-Sac (The Fens)
  • Scaffold Bridge (The Fens)
  • Diamond City Scrap
  • Scavenger's Rest (The Fens)

Esplanade Primary Locations

Esplanade Secondary Locations

  • Footbridge (Esplanade)
  • Holy Mission Congregation Church
  • Barricade and Rooftops
  • Rooftop Den (Esplanade)
  • Malborough House
  • Raider Lookout (Esplanade)
  • Gun Shop Garage
  • Commonwealth Avenue

Back Bay Primary Locations

Back Bay Secondary Locations

  • The Corner of Mass and Newbury
  • Half-Demolished Apartment (Back Bay)
  • Trinity Plaza Parking
  • Shenley's Oyster Bar
  • The Patriot's Sleep Shack
  • Trader Rooftop (Back Bay)
  • Raider Rooftops (Back Bay)
  • Warren Theater
  • Raider Blockade (Southeast Back Bay)

Beacon Hill Primary Locations

Beacon Hill Secondary Locations

  • Beacon Hill Apartments
  • Demolished Apartment Tower (Beacon Hill)
  • Playground Garage
  • Rooftop Generator (Beacon Hill)
  • Destroyed Tenement (Beacon Hill)
  • Rubble Overlook

North End Primary Locations

North End Secondary Locations

  • Rooftop Apartment (North End)
  • North End Graveyard
  • Railroad HQ Escape Tunnel Exit
  • Raider Courtyard (North End)
  • Hot Pizza Pie Shop
  • Crashed Vertibird (Military Barge)
  • Wharfside Cottage
  • Rooftop Lounger
  • Skytram (North End Elevated Freeway)
  • Mean Pastries
  • Pickman's Exit
  • Boxing Gym
  • Scaffold Stairs (North End)
  • Billboard Alley
  • Ruined Brick Apartment (North End)
  • Subway Station (North End)
  • Paul Revere's House

Boston Common Primary Locations

Boston Common Secondary Locations

  • Super Mutant Hotel Shell
  • Prost Bar

Financial District Primary Locations

Financial District Secondary Locations

  • Weatherby Investment Trust
  • Congress Street Garage
  • Bus Wreckage
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Skyscraper Stash
  • Elevated Road (West Access)
  • Elevated Raider Camp (Financial District)
  • Elevated Road (Central Access)
  • Railroad Hideout (Financial District)
  • 35 Court
  • Rooftop Hideaway (Financial District)
  • PedestrianUnderpass
  • Parking garage and Raider Rooftops
  • Water Street Apartments

Theater District Primary Locations

Theater District Secondary Locations

  • Hub 360
  • Pearwood Residences
  • The Plank Walk (Theater District)
  • Gunner Encampment (Theater District)
  • Parking Garage (Theater District)
  • Ticker Tape Lounge (Northwest)
  • Ticker Tape Lounge (Southeast)
  • Under the On-Ramp: Camp and Garage
  • The On-Ramp (Theater District)
  • Railroad Dead Drop (Theater District)
  • Street Corner (Theater District)
  • Old Sniper Camp

Boston Harbor (Waterfront) Primary Locations

Boston Harbor (Waterfront) Secondary Locations

  • Waterfront Park
  • Custom House Tower Courtyard
  • Warehouse and Wharf
  • Scavengers' Rooftops (Waterfront)
  • Tinkerer's Boathouse (Waterfront)
  • Main Boathouse (Waterfront)
  • Locked Diner
  • Pedestrian Walkway (Waterfront)
  • Waterfront Cabin
  • Scrap Metal Barge
  • Desolate Promenade

South Boston Primary Locations

South Boston Secondary Locations

  • Bus and Apartment Wreckage
  • Joe's Spuckies (Southie Speakeasy)
  • Dockside Warehouse (South Boston)
  • Factory (South Boston)
  • Four Leaf Fishpacking Container Yard
  • Construction Yard
  • Roof Generator (South Boston)
  • Roundabout Raider Camp
  • Hawthorne Estate
  • Dorchester Height Monument
  • Roof Camp (South Boston)
  • The Candy Shop
  • South Boston Church
  • South Boston Wharf and Restrooms
  • Rusting Ship and Stilt Cabin





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Important Loot

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  • ??
  • ??


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