Old North Church is a Location in Fallout 4. old_north_church.jpg

Old North Church Information

  • It is located in the North End section of the Greater Boston Neighborhoods zone.
  • It serves as the headquarters for The Railroad, and can be found by following the Freedom trail red brick road which begins in the Park Street Station area. Look at the ground as you progress for Freedom Trail markers which will have letter codes. Once arriving in the church, eliminate the Feral Ghoul occupants and descend into the catacombs until you come to a white lantern painted on the floor. Approach the dial in the wall and rotate it to spell the word "Railroad", pressing the button as you select each letter.
  • Leaving via the Railroad's escape tunnel allows you to unlock a chained door and open up a future shortcut back entrance.

Locks and Terminals



(Coordinates on Map)

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