General Atomics Galleria is a Location in Fallout 4. General Atomics Galleria.jpg

General Atomics Galleria Information

"This self-suficient robot destination was meant as a demonstration of General Atomics wonderful line of robotic helpers. The workers still operate the place, and you will need to convince the door robot to let you in, show him your ID car or pay a fee, or fight. If you want to remain in one piece, respect the rules while you are around."




  • All NPCs can turn hostile
  • You will require pre-war money to use some areas such as the bowling alley.
  • Gas Explosion
  • Explosive Barrel
  • Mine


  • n/a




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    • Anonymous

      Wtf goes on there? I managed to kill the boss in the statue office from the oppostie roof and got into the system. But all I got was the option to destruct every robot or ***** dem down. Both is not realy in my interest case they don't attack me

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