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End of the Line is a Quest in Fallout 4.

End of the Line Information


  1. Speak with Father
  2. Kill Desdemona
  3. Eliminate the Railroad leaders
  4. Speak with Father




Rad Resist.png Now that you are completely allied with The Institute, Father asks you to see the important figures of The Railroad. Go to the Old North Church in Boston. Use your Pip-Boy map to locate all the members and eliminate them one by one.

Rad Resist.png To gain entry to the secret opening to the church, spell out word Railroad on the Freedom Trail Ring. If you are having problems with this, follow the order of the markers in the trail to the Railroad as laid out in Road to Freedom and enter the letters. You have to walk the trail and inspect each marker. Once inside, kill all the leaders of the Railroad. They are listed as follows:

Video Walkthrough

End of the Line Walkthrough

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Glory died in a previous mission where you must defend agains the brotherhood now everytime I go to kill them she isnt there and a blank marker is there instead. Some help please?

      • Anonymous

        So I'm wondering if this was something special for my play through because I stayed with all factions as long as possible until you had to decide which stayed around, I killed the brotherhood for the railroad then I killed desdemona that was that, end of mission. I happened to kill everybody else there but that wasn't part of the mission. When it was time to eliminate "the Leaders", it was like outside Cambridge and they were just a bunch of ghouls! This didn't get explained and I haven't seen anything about it lol. What the hells up? I thought it was a little interesting.

        • Anonymous

          I think my game is glitched but I have reloaded a very old save and continued through to this point again and am having the same problem - so am I just missing something obvious?! I have spoken with Father. Then I go to Railroad HQ to kill Desdemona. After that everyone turns hostile and I have to eliminate the railroad leaders. I kill them all and I have a quest marker downstairs (Behind that freedom trail ring). The wall is open and I can get through but the marker seems to point to the floor... there's nothing there and I can't progress the mission :( Any ideas? Thanks guys!

          • Anonymous

            Any news on fixing this bug as I can't get in to the railroad hq still and really don't want to start from scratch

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