Defend the Castle

Quest Giver
Preston Garvey
The Minutemen Quest
The Castle
Previous Quest
Form Ranks
Next Quest
The Nuclear Option
Defend the Castle is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Defend the Castle Information


  1. Travel to The Castle
  2. Build defenses
  3. Defend The Castle
  4. Speak to Ronnie Shaw
  5. Talk to Preston Garvey




Rad Resist.png Once you have set up the 8 Settlements necessary from Form Ranks this quest can be initiated by either speaking with Preston Garvey, listening to Radio Freedom or visiting The Castle.

Rad Resist.png Listening to Radio Freedom will give you informaiton on the direction from where the attackers are coming from. When defending the Castle, pay attention to the state of the generators, and Synths who will teleport through walls. It is a long and arduous battle, build your defenses carefully in preparation.

Rad Resist.png Once the Institute has been repelled speak with Preston and Ronnie Shaw.

Notes & Notable Loot

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    • Anonymous

      Use every single hard hitting weapon for lower levels. I died several times with level 34 powersuit t-60c gatling laser fatman rocket launcher minigun. Take as much stimpacks as possible i used 60

      • Anonymous

        I return to the Castle ti talk with Preston and I get this quest. As soon as I actually start exchanging fire with the invaders it crashes and exits to my xbox home

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