Cleansing the Land

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Far Harbor Quests
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Harbor Grand Hotel
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Best Left Forgotten
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Cleansing the Land is a Quest in Fallout 4.

Cleansing the Land Information


  1. Locate the Nuclear Launch Key
  2. Listen to Safe Room Security Tape
  3. Obtain the Nuclear Launch Key
  4. Use the Launch Key to Destroy the Nuclues
  5. Confront DiMA about the Nuclear Launch key
  6. (Optional) Speak to the High Confessor about the Nuclear Launch Key
  7. Confront DiMA about the Wind Turbine kill switch
  8. Bring Down Far Harbor's defenses
  9. Restore power to the Wind Farm security door
  10. Inform the High Confessor of Far Harbor's demise




Rad Resist.png This quest piggybacks off of the Best Left Forgotten quest and triggers as soon as you enter the Harbor Grand Hotel in search of the nuclear launch key. Be prepared for a firefight with some hostile Super Mutant tenants. Fight through them and go upstairs and down several halls until you come to a keypad. Push it to reveal a sliding bookcase with a hidden door behind it. Enter the posh safe room and access the terminal. Play the tape.

Rad Resist.png You'll be privy to an interesting discussion after which you will obtain the safe combination to the launch key which is hidden on a boat at the Fringe Cove Docks. Your map will be updated with the location.

Rad Resist.png Exit the hotel and head towards the marker. It's a long journey so be prepared. You may opt to fast travel from a nearby location you have already visited. Once you arrive at the docks, be on the lookout for some Mirelurk enemies nearby. Once defeated your objective will be to head to the dock, where you will dive in the water to a submerged boat. Head inside the sunken boat's cabin and open the safe with the knowledge you obtained from the safe room. You will find the launch key along with some rewards.

Rad Resist.png You now have a choice. You may opt to confront DiMA about the launch key or you may use the key to destroy The Nucleus. If you opt to hide the key's existence DiMA will be grateful. This will not complete the quest. You may now do 2 things to complete this quest, head to destroy the Nucleus or retrieve the Wind Turbine Kill Switch you learned of in Best Left Forgotten. If you're feeling particularly depraved you can complete both genocidal acts.

Destroy Nucleus

Rad Resist.png If you choose to go to The Nucleus. You may opt to visit the Confessor and give him the key. This will continue your journey with the cult. Or you may approach the launch terminal to activate the nuke and destroy the radiation huggers. This will cause any active quests for the residents of The Nucleus to fail and will turn them all hostile. Escape the Nucleus before the nuke detonates to complete the quest. You will receive the Far Harbor Survivalist perk which grants a bonus to all damage resistance types.

Rad Resist.png If you speak to DiMA after this in Acadia, he will lecture you on the error of judgement you've committed but will not be hostile.

Rad Resist.png If you head to Far Harbor you will witness Avery addressing the residents. Speak to her afterwards for another lecture from her perspective. She will tell you to leave, but the town does not become hostile towards you.

Bring Down Far Harbor

Rad Resist.png If you opt to bring down Far Harbor's defenses, make your way to the Wind Farm Maintenance just east of Acadia. Enter the small building and head down the stairs to a security gate. Attempting to activate the button reveals that there is no power. Head to a room just nearby to find a fuse box. If you hit activate it will tell you it requries 4 industrial grade fuses. You will have to search for these:
  • One is found on the small table in the fuse box room.
  • 2 are found on a metal shelving unit behind a metal grate wall in the same room as the security door.
  • 1 is found on a table right next to the shelving unit.

Rad Resist.png Return to the fuxe box and insert the fuses. Access the security door to trigger the defense network which consists of 2 turrets. In this room is a turbine control panel but you need an access code. Head right through the door to find an Assaultron patrolling. Defeat it and enter the room to access turbine 3's terminal. If you intiate the kill switch you will become enemies of the citizens of Far Harbor and any quests you were performing for the residents will fail. This will also cause the quest The Way Life Should Be to fail. The quest Close to Home will now trigger.

Rad Resist.png From here you can opt to report your success to the High Confessor or you can bear witness to Far Harbor's fall first hand before doing so. If you visit the ruins of Far Harbor you will see the condensers have failed and the town is being slaughtered by Fog Crawlers. It's a grisly scene.

Rad Resist.png Return to The Nucleus and seek out the High Confessor. He will gift you Atom's Bulwark as a reward. As a final reward you will receive the Crusader of Atom perk which grants a bonus to weapon damage. The higher your rads, the greater the bonus. This quest is now complete. As you exit the sub you will bear witness to oration from the High Confessor.

Rad Resist.png Speak to DiMA afterwards and he will be extremely upset. He will sternly lecture you and then refuse to interact with you going forward. Neither he nor Acadia will become hostile however.

Rad Resist.png Returning to the ruins of Far Harbor will find it completely overrun by beasts. Caution is advised.

Notes & Notable Loot

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